Several years ago I found a book at Cost Plus World Market called “101 Things to Do before you die” which made me realize that I needed to start doing a bucket list especially since this was really early in my battle with epilepsy and I needed to get my mind OFF it. Unfortunately that book keeps disappearing on me so it is much harder to check things off when I do them. I decided to do an online bucket list but bless things like Wishberg it’s heart is in the right place but the organization just doesn’t work for me.

I have decided that the best way for me to do my bucket list and keep it organized is to just do a blog. I figure I will update it a few times a month until I get all the ones I have already completed finished, then update as needed.

I hope you follow me on the journey.

For the current quarter, I am planning to update with mostly things in my past and plan for some things in the future.

Since this post is backdated, one of the things that is entering into the planning stage is a charity skydive event.

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