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While the original “101 Things to Do Before You Die” states you should write a best selling book, quite frankly most best selling books are fiction. I am not now nor have ever truly been a fiction writer. As a matter of fact, I pick the most unusual things possible to write about. I think unless I am the next Mary Roach, my books have about as much chance at becoming best sellers as I do winning the lottery.

That being said, I have written books.

I participated in National Novel Writing Month for two years and I “won” both times even though both were non-fiction. I don’t see how writing 50K words on a subject is all that challenging, but to each their own. One of the books is kinda… ick, but then I never wrote that for popular consumption. The other, a book about conversion, is going to be worked on more in order to send it to an agent to see if it can really be published. Since the only book anything like it is over 20 years old, it is time for an update.

Further, I wrote a masters thesis which analyzed psychological stressors which was cataloged in WorldCat. Librarything.com considers that to be one of the ways to get author status, so I am a LT author.

Any one else that is more of a non-fiction writer than a fiction writer?

Completed: 2007

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