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One of the “things to do” is to get a tattoo or piercing, which I am not entirely sure that is fair as I believe this is considered being under the reckless category in the book. If you were born female and in the United States, culture dictates that you will have SOMETHING pierced, generally your ears. I’m not sure if that is more reckless or cultural norm anymore than the various cultures in Africa stretching their necks or putting plates in their lip. (Not that there is anything wrong with either but it is not reckless there and might be reckless here.)

As someone born female, I had that right of passage (ears pierced) performed when I was about 6 years old.

We went to one of the places in a mall near my grandmother’s house. Perhaps that was a bad idea as the woman was not very good. Ok yea, she marked my ears well enough, but there was no analgesics and she walked away in the middle of the session when the gun misfired and she decided to take a phone call for 15 minutes leaving me screaming bloody murder that entire time.

She then came back to fix the piercing, but the damage was done. I had repeated infections in that hole for the next 25 years which could all be traced back to that misfire and screwed up scarring. The infections only went away when the holes closed up.

I think I can safely say that I am not getting another piercing again, and let’s not discuss tattoos which, as a reasonably observant Jew, I cannot see the point in doing. I do like ear cuffs and one day want to use those instead although I would have nowhere to wear them. I will say as a man with pierced ears, I would occasionally get quite a look!

Does anyone else have a piercing horror story? And if you did a tattoo instead, what does it mean to you?

Completed : 1987

Also good luck to all of those people sitting on medical school waitlists, today is D-Day for the allopathic schools!

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