Goals for the third quarter of 2014

The plan for the next quarter July through the end of September 2014 certainly involves writing up a few more weird experiences from my past, but also includes a few new plans.

Goals for this Quarter:

1) Finish organizing bucket list/colour coding and such. Do some replacements of things I am just not going to do. Example, the one about top movies? That needs to be changed, I started it years ago and without my copy of the book, I just cannot remember what the movies are much less what I’ve watched.

2) Write up and post at least three “things to do” from my past.

3) Plan a charity skydive most likely benefiting RESCU Foundation.  I figure if I am going to do something as stupid as jumping out an airplane, I might as well try to raise some money.  My goal is going to be $5,000 and since I am jumping for charity, my jump will be free provided I make at least $500.  The website that organizes things takes 18% plus $250 (they pay for the jump) so RESCU would make about $570 if I raise $1000 etc. So far my neurologist has said I am good to jump. Now I just have to organize.

4) I was put on a film selection committee a month ago which is something I did want to do so I am still working on that. I have started writing the entry but it will not go live until they do the announcement about the movie lineup.

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