Skydive for Charity, part 1 – The National MS Society

I am doing a charity skydive event benefiting The National MS Society. I figure if I am going to do something as stupid as jumping out an airplane (more on conquering a fear later), I might as well try to raise some money right? What happens in this whole charity skydive thing is that my goal is I have to raise a minimum of $500 but can choose to raise more. The first $250 goes to pay the group who does my skydive. The rest of the money the charity I am doing it through (who is doing publicity and such) takes 18% past that. The rest gets sent to the charity I designate.

    Why The National MS Society?

Originally I was trying to do another organization, but because they were taking so long (over three months even though the executive director thought it was great), I just moved on. I will offer them another jump or something else.

However, it just so happened that one of my friends, who happens to have MS, has a very big day coming up. When I finally got tired and realize skydiving season was about to close, I saw that National MS Society was already listed as a charity with Charity Skydive. I guess that means they have already been done. So I contacted my friend saying I wanted her opinion, and then all of a sudden we pretty much had it confirmed that I was going to do it in honour of her big day.

    What the heck is MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disorder. It involves the deterioration of the myelin which protects the nerves. This can cause many, many problems such as the inability to walk, blindness or other visual issues, swallowing, weird sensations, and apparently has a type of pain that is unlike any other type of pain one can experience. Pretty much anything you use your nerves for, can be affected by the disorder and you just don’t know what is going to happen or how the lesions are going to end up affecting you. While MS is not the disorder that scares me the most, I would solidly rate it in the top 10 of medical disorders I do not want. I’ll keep my epilepsy and autism thanks.

If you are interested in supporting me in the efforts please click here.

Hopefully this is going to be the first major charity event I do as I think one of my personal things to do is going to be raise an obscene amount of money for charity. I hope one day I will have raised a million dollars but we are going to start small with a personal goal of $1,000. 🙂 Feel free to help me get higher!

Huge shout out to my friends at Dekalb Neurology for their very generous donation! Although I have to admit, I am not sure if this means they want to support me in my efforts or if my neurologist wants to push me out of a plane. Really hard to tell with neurologists, they are weird people.

Anyone want to help donate?

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