Go to a rodeo

A few days ago I went to my first rodeo.

My family has this passionate hatred for rodeos which I find interesting given the obsession with going out west. My family used to do craft fairs at the Davie rodeo arena a few times a year and that was the extent of the situation there and the only thing they would say was that rodeos were full of fleas as that was the extent of what we had to deal with at the craft fair, we’d be covered in fleas from the animals.

So as a result I never went to a rodeo. So I decided I wanted to go to one so I could say I have been to one. I kept missing rodeos because they were all on Shabbat and I don’t drive on Shabbat. I will ride in a car on Shabbat but I try to avoid driving. So when the Shabbos goy arrived I have been making him take me to things. There was a rodeo in Hamilton Georgia so we went.

That was a long drive which seemed to never end. We still ended up there several hours early and were one of the first cars there.

The thing that struck me the most was how religious the entire thing was. We also looked significantly out of place that they asked where we were coming from.

We actually left and sat out in the car because we were there too early then came back after an hour or so. The partner got something to eat while I waited on the top part of the bleacher. Then after he got me something to eat he went back out to get a funnel cake which is when I started having problems. Everyone started getting those annoying flashing hats and such that were so bright I nearly had a seizure… a tonic clonic one not that little partial that I am known for. The poor partner had to leave his long funnel cake line when he would have been the next person up because he had to go get me sunglasses. The strobes were so bright they were reflecting off my skin!

When it started, it was beyond patriotic. It was all “Murica.” Now I know what it is like to be patriotic, I have been in the south my entire life so when I say this is beyond that, I assure you it was to an extreme. Also in the opening there was a PUBLIC PRAYER worshiping Jesus. Come on now, we don’t have that in any other sports event that I have attended. You better believe I did not stand for the flag or for the prayer. I did, much to the person sitting next to me’s disgust, say the shema. And people think I’m religious, they had religious things right outside their high school. I look like an utter and complete atheist in comparison to these people.

As far as the events go, the barrels and bulls were both entertaining although I do not understand why barrels is female only when there is no male only event. Some of the middle school students were competing at the same level as the adults which I find very impressing. The bull riding went over way too fast, so fast you can’t even see the people on the bull. Several people were injured, one they called for the medics.

I considered all of the roping events with the 3 legged roping and header/heeler things to be downright animal cruelty.

All that being said, I think given the most excitement there was was the near seizure, I think this has caused me to realize that I am definitely not a country person. I cannot deal with the religion and extreme patriotism that goes along with living in the country.

Have yo been to a rodeo and what was your opinion of the immense religion in it? Are there any religion free rodeos?

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