Goals for the fourth quarter of 2014

My goals for this quarter are

1) I need to finish at least one more of the greatest Jewish movies so I can finish writing up a new set of 10. I thought I had enough but it turns out I was short by just one. Due to some unexpected bucket list items getting completed, I am moving my part 1 to publish sometime this quarter.

2) I am still raising money for the skydive. I already posted a little about it and I have had a very rocky start. So heaven help all of us.

3) In July, I started a Hebrew class, Ulpan 1 Modern Hebrew through eteacher. We’ll see how it goes.  So far it isn’t too bad.

4) The film selection committee is almost over. I am going to schedule the post about it to be released right around the time the film festival starts.

5) I am trying to figure out where I should be trying to arrange to go next year in order to collect a new country or a new state. I would love to hear any suggestions anyone might have.

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