Skydive for Charity, part 2 – The reactions

One of the first people I told that I was going to go skydiving for charity was my favourite rabbi (Rabbi Brad). In fact, since every rabbi of my synagogue is going to Israel together, I had to make sure that in the event things don’t work out so well, I need to make sure that there is a rabbi to bury me in the event I end up as a big Jewish tomato as one person put it. Apparently we are going to have our retired rabbi likely being on rabbi duty which might be nice as I have only interacted with him a little bit.  That being said I wanted to make sure that I had SOMEONE just in case.

What did Rabbi Brad say to me when I told him? “Just don’t die.” Thanks Brad.

When I told my neurologist’s office of my plan, and also wanted to get Dr. Olson’s opinion, the office manager said she wished she was going with me. That scares me. Olson actually was fine, asked for a business card, and then the practice donated money.

Other comments made on Facebook when I asked if people thought I was crazy:

Michael S : “Get someone on the ground to record it. If your chute doesn’t open and you hit the ground, you’ll get a million hits on YouTube…and….if you hit the ground, the jump is free as well. You’ll look like a tomato……a big Jewish tomato….”

Sean B : “Wait this is a thing?! No you wouldn’t be crazy…… you would be AWESOME. And I am going to try and do this too!”

Jerry C : “No one who knows you would be surprised, unless it involved landing in a pool full of sharks and/or acid.”

Catherine C : “If I didn’t think you were crazy already, this would not push me over the edge.”

One of the benefits to sky diving is that I will be able to check off two of the “101 things to do” as I am also acrophobic (scared of heights). I have many reasons that I am scared of heights and hopefully this will tame a little bit of that fear.

I am still collecting donations. If you are interested in supporting me in the efforts please click here.

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