See a lunar eclipse

This is one of the two parts of “Thing to do” #39 see a solar and lunar eclipse.

This is the lunar eclipse I saw on Dec 21, 2010. This was a special eclipse as it came not only a few days before Christmas, but directly on the Winter Solstice. As this was before I was a Jew and my last religion of record was Wicca still I took the time to do a ritual on that day.

I went outside and lit my candles just as everything was starting and I looked up and saw the moon start to turn. It was a very clear night. That is when I started meditating and would open my eyes from time to time to see it get darker and darker. I remember reciting the Hippocratic Oath and stated that no matter what this was binding to me throughout my life. (Despite my conversion to Judaism which effectively negated that vow, I still consider it binding to me.) I also thanked all the various gods and goddesses or whoever sent me my mentor. Then I tranced out. By the time I came out, it was only a few minutes until the moon was very bright again and the eclipse was over. The moon was about to go behind some clouds that just rolled in. It was very spiritual.

When I checked Facebook later that day, all my friends who were in the local area stated they could not see any part of the eclipse because it was overcast the entire night with no break in the clouds for hours before and after the eclipse. It was like it was only clear over my house and people said I should be very lucky. Not that this would surprise me at all!

Have you seen an eclipse?

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