Goals for first quarter of 2015

Ok so Happy New Year!

So what are everyone’s new years goals?

Outside of the obvious “Lose weight” and “Learn Hebrew” new years resolutions which should be year round.  I, of course, have a tradition of putting up bucket list things.  So I have this quarter coming up with things I need to do.

However it is cold in Georgia and I can safely say that I do not want to do almost any of the bucket list because quite frankly it is cold and several of my things require me to run outside so I am going to do several ones from my past and hopefully get a few more movies watched etc.  That is my main goal.  Post things from my past and build up some of the movies so they are ready to go when I need them to go.  🙂

Basically I am staying mostly indoors through winter which is exactly what I’ve been doing

Some things that are going to be written up.

1) I did do the skydive literally just a few days ago so that is going to be posted soon for sure along with all the other bucket list items I could do when I was down in Florida of which there were a few.

2) I am of course doing Ulpan 1 Modern Hebrew through eteacher and hopefully I will be almost finished soon. I am about 2/3 of the way finished with it.

3) I am finished with the selection committee finally!

For the most part though, call me when it is summer!

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