Attend a film premiere

Have you ever done a bucket list item without realizing you were about to (or have) performed the item? No?

Well I have. It was listed in the 101 Things to do.

It did not dawn on me until I went to Opening Night of the AJFF this year (last Wednesday) to see Above and Beyond (Atlanta premiere) at the Cobb Energy Center with 2200+ of my closest friends and one of the speakers called it a movie premiere. I always considered that to be something that only happened in Hollywood, but then according to the dictionary it really is the first public showing which is what I thought. While the film itself wasn’t the first public showing, it was the first public showing in Atlanta. There was a huge party before the film which I did not go to. Too expensive and I had not earned rewards to get a free ticket to the party which would have otherwise cost a few hundred.

So I went in with general admissions.

There was no red carpet or none I could see, there were those movie premiere lights though. I felt so underdressed many people were in suits and I was simply in shul clothing. The tickets were not expensive, only $18 which is basically all the money I was going to spend at the 3 week long festival, which I had already seen everything else I wanted to see thanks to being on the selection committee. This was the only one I missed during the private screening and I had intended to go but if I recall correctly something came up although I cannot remember if this was the time when I had to bail someone out of jail or not.

I found the movie, produced by Nancy Spielberg (Steven Spielberg’s sister), to have completely lived up to the hype. It was a wonderful story about the group of mostly Americans who came in to help Israel who at the time had no air force at all and was about to go to war against 5 nations who simply did not like that Israel was about to be born. Although a warning was there quite a bit of language out of one of them! Also there was an appearance by Paul Reubens (I know him as Amilyn from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, most know him as Pee Wee Herman) which was a bit of a surprise. Apparently his father was one of the pilots. Who knew? Either way a very solid film.

The question becomes should I ever go to opening night again?

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