Roadside America – Go to Hell (Michigan)!

Ever since I learned about the little town of Hell, Michigan, I wanted to go there. I can’t remember how I even found out that there WAS a Hell Michigan. I said one day if my family loved me they would pay the $100 and make me mayor for a day. But I said I wanted to do it either on the hottest day of the year or on a day when it was really cold (basically Hell frozen over).

I never expected to actually go to Hell, but when I was interviewing for medical school, I had to go to Michigan and Hell was not too far from East Lansing.

I don’t know who thought that it would be great to have the Floridian come to Michigan right after a blizzard when the temperature was still below freezing, but I took advantage of the situation.

Since I was driving to East Lansing Michigan, I pulled over for the night at a truck stop less than 20 miles from “Hell.” It was 24 degrees F the next morning according to my phone and I had tons of time to kill which meant… yes… I was going to go to Hell.

Hell, by the way, does not come up in my GPS. Luckily the website gave the coordinates which, although they were not perfect, they get you to the point where you could actually see part of Hell. Unsurprisingly I was there slightly early and I was completely floored by the fact I was looking at large piles of snow. Of course I could not see very much due to the aforementioned snow but I took a few videos and a few pictures determined that I would come back when Hell was open so I could eat or browse the gift store. I took a note of the time and a half hour after the opening but it was still closed. I was sad, but I had photos!

As someone who is always being told they are going to Hell, I am actually planning on milking this joke for as long as I possibly can.

Anyway here is a photo of me in Hell

Hell, MIchigan

Hell, MIchigan

And of course we have some youtube videos

When people tell me to go to Hell now I can say I’ve already been. What do you tell people when they tell you to go to Hell or that you are going to Hell?

Completed: 2014

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