Skydive for Charity, part 3 – The flight / The amount raised

OK! Well so the flight is over and I am safely back on planet Earth

In case you missed the memo, I was doing a charity skydive. Although this is not the first time I have fulfilled the criteria of conquering one’s fear as offered by “101 Things to Do” (that honour goes to dealing with fear of airplanes when I was in graduate school), it is the first one that is really getting written up and posted.

Acrophobia is the proper term for having a fear of heights and it affects up to 5% of the general population. Unfortunately I am one of those people. So what better way than to try to deal with it this way?

I raised money for The National MS Society about $752.  My friend Connie donated so much money, I cannot even tell you how crazy that was.   What a lady!

I think I was worse off mentally before the skydive than during it.  The freefall itself, not so bad.  I really should have taken some Dramamine though.   That parachute ride, very nauseating.  Surprisingly I was not terribly scared.  WHY WASN’T I SCARED DURING THE DIVE???

For the record, don’t land like I did!  I didn’t get hurt BUT I should not have landed that way.

I have a video of it!

I am willing to entertain the thought of doing that again.  🙂

Anyone know of any group that wants to help me fundraise for them, so I can do that again?

Completed : 2014


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