Goals for second quarter of 2015

Well we are finally getting closer to summer thank goodness.

Of the things you will be seeing soon, can you believe I am still not finished with bucket list items that I did when I was down in Florida? Actually we have a few more to go. As winter is starting to end, FINALLY, I might have to save anything new for next winter or the next time I am down for the count.

I’ve been dealing with long term goals lately in the never ending cold.

1) I am still attempting Hebrew although I have finished Ulpan 1, still waiting to try to get into Ulpan 2, but until then I am taking classes on Memrise. For whatever reason eteacher won’t call me back to schedule me into the next level of courses. Do you hate me eteacher?

2) I am taking some online guitar lessons through Center Stage Guitar Academy just to try to do something with how to learn music. So far it’s pretty good. I got it through a groupon, $20 for a year. Once my year is expired, I am considering staying with them for a while longer. I really like them.

3) I am doing a year long photo-a-day journal project at http://365project.org/ It is hard to continue doing the challenge because there is only so much I have access to take photos with.

4) I am working on learning how to cook and bake I’ve been trying to hit a different country’s recipe every month and try to bake something regardless of whether or not it was a new country. Really though I should take a cooking class but with keeping kosher it would be a challenge finding a place where I would be able to learn how to cook things that I actually could eat.

In another note, I think I am probably going to go skydiving again eventually. Really that was not so bad.

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