Acceptance to medical school!

While there is much scientific and religious controversy over when, exactly, the moment of life begins, the Jewish tradition is clear: The fetus is not considered viable until after it graduates from medical school.

With much amazement and shock, after four complete rounds of applications including DO and international, I was pulled off the waitlist at my first choice school… my allopathic state school which is the one I wanted.  While others always say “My first choice is whoever will accept me,” this honestly was the top choice since I learned about the education building they were doing. Medical College of Georgia is affordable, has a very good reputation, pretty good research facilities (admittedly I have not explored them), an award-winning LGBT clinic, and has a really fancy new education building which puts most Ivy League schools to shame and they are revamping part of the curriculum which is likely only going to make it better.  I don’t want to say this is my ideal school, but it is pretty darn close.  My dream school would include having a bigger Jewish community and more kosher food and be on the Jewish calender, but you know what?  I will deal, those issues are minor in the long run and I am only 2.5 hours from Atlanta if I go to Augusta campus.  🙂  I am still not entirely sure this is real.  I do not know how this happened but it did.

I was notified on my grandmother’s 84th birthday (just a few days ago) when I had just gotten off the phone with her.  While my family (save for aforementioned grandmother) seemed to not care, my partner was particularly antagonistic, the absolute outpouring of support from some people have been truly remarkable and that includes people from the infamous Student Doctor Network, a forum for pre-med and medical students.  On SDN, usually on pre-allo (the pre-allopathic/pre-MD forum)  they have invented a new level of anxiety which I have never yet seen before.  Pre-meds are a neurotic bunch in general and this site gives the cream of the crop neurosis wise.  However, because I am “SDN famous” when I posted my acceptance, I have never seen such an outpouring of support even from that contingent.

I was so astounded that I did not believe the email and was basically speaking gibberish.  You really never know how you are going to react to something like that.  I just got off the phone with the old lady and was about to finish writing an outline for my neurologist’s LOR and decided to check my email and there it was.  Started shaking, brought my computer from the bedroom, plugged it back in.  Called my partner and told him that I think I was just accepted to medical school, then had to read it to him.  He said he didn’t expect that to happen and that it should have gone to someone deserving.  😦  He does not understand how hard this is, but then again, he didn’t finish college.

My grandmother was happy, the folks at SDN were thrilled, on Facebook I posted a parody of the chorus of “call me maybe” which I literally was sitting on for a year now and I texted a bunch of people and one of them (a 3rd year DO student) was sent “!!!!” and I basically wasn’t giving out words.  She told me to use my words, lol!

My neurologist who told me I had to tell him as soon as I got in, I emailed him twice, then called, no answer.  So I dropped by the day after I was accepted.  He was on rounds but I told the ladies one of which texted him.  I literally waited around for him to get back to tell him.  He thinks I will make a good doctor.  🙂

Of course, I did a lot of thanking to so many people, including HaShem who prior had said when roommates problem was solved, I would get in.  I didn’t believe that would ever happen.  I even had a dream with the Heavenly Beit Din (“Heavenly Court”) which I made a petition.  They answered part B (rabbinical school as yes but not now), but never part A (medical school).  At least part A was answered April 30!  I was getting the feeling that I was never supposed to stop my Jewish studies.  I am completely ok with that!

My Jewish friends including the older women who all want to adopt me, are absolutely thrilled!

I meanwhile am still completely in shock.  I was originally going to go to the Kentucky Derby but this is so much better!

Have you ever done something so major that everyone in the world seemed proud of you?

Completed : 2015 so far!  Graduation in 2019!

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