Go to the Dogs

In “101 Things to do before you die” has go to the dogs… aka watch a dog race.

As dog racing is illegal in almost every state in the United States, this one took some thought. Luckily Florida and Alabama both have it available, somehow it did not surprise me about Florida as I knew of tracks.

When I was doing my skydive, I opted to look to see if anything was available in the area. There was!

Derby Lane bills itself as “The World’s Oldest Continuously Operating Greyhound Race Track” and it was about 50 miles from my hotel so as that wasn’t too bad I said “Let’s Go!”

You can’t beat the parking or the price of admission, both free. The program if you wanted one was $1.25.

I watched four races, but didn’t place any bets because I really don’t gamble. It was nice to see so many dogs since I lost my dog not that long ago so I needed puppy time. I didn’t find it particularly entertaining to watch the race but I was really 5 years old when the dogs decided to relieve themselves.

The first race everyone placed in their running order: 1, 2, 3, 4. The others were all over the place.

I am first to admit I don’t know anything about the bets or odds or anything, I just wanted to see the dogs! Some of them were really beautiful animals and they all seemed to enjoy their job. I still would not consider it entertainment unless you have a really low bar for what entertainment is considered, although free is free.

Personally, I was more entertained at the Banana Derby which I saw in Sept 2014 where monkeys were riding and racing the dogs.

What is your opinion of dog racing?

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