Laurel and Hardy Museum

I’m becoming a big fan of Roadside America attractions and now will just stop whenever I see something that looks interesting and I have the time.

So I was coming back from Augusta getting a tour of the Equality Clinic where I am eventually going to be volunteering, and was going back home when I saw this little sign saying “Laurel and Hardy Museum”.

“Hmm…”, I thought to myself, “My grandmother might like that!” and turned off at the rapidly approaching next exit to go to it. After following the whole TWO signs, I was convinced I had to have passed it, so I asked both iVarney (my iphone which has both Siri and a voice activated search) and Moses (my voice-activated Garmin) to try to find the museum. Wouldn’t you know it, neither of them even came close, although I have to assume it is because “Laurel and Hardy” is not a common search, although they really wanted to take me to the closest Party City. Sigh.

So I was looking and looking for a place to pull over and there is nothing on that stretch of road. Luckily I knew if I continued, surely something would have to appear. Of course the first available parking lot happened to be their museum.

They are open most, but not all days of the week over in Harlem GA. As someone who is not a big fan I really had very little idea of what I was looking at. I am actually not sure which one is which if I can be honest. I mostly just know them from the references that are made to them in cartoons. I was more of an Abbott and Costello fan personally. They had tons of memorabilia in a decent sized room, maybe a little bigger than the average living room.

The cost is donation based so I gave them $5 as while I am not a fan of theirs, I want to make sure it stays open so that my grandmother can visit it one day. She would get a kick out of it!

Since I am not incredibly versed in Laurel and Hardy, what is your favourite movie of theirs?

Completed : 2015

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