Goals for third quarter of 2015

Yea yea yea, still have one of the Florida trips left to post. I’ve opted to schedule that as a December post as frankly I already had several scheduled already for this quarter.

This is going to be a busy quarter as I was accepted to medical school a few months ago so will hopefully be learning and working and being kept busy. I was even started early by a month. This is one of many reasons that I already have some things prewritten and prescheduled since I have no idea what my schedule is ever going to be like anymore now. But this is what is going to be occurring as a long term.

1) I finally was placed in not only Ulpan 2 but also Biblical Hebrew A through eteacher. We shall see how this goes.

2) Still trying to squeeze in guitar playing with Center Stage Guitar Academy which is getting harder to squeeze in especially since I not only started medical school early but my guitar did not survive the move so needed to be repaired.

3) Photo-a-day, I am just running out of things to take photos of even with the prompts that are put forward.

4) I am almost done with the crazy cooking with a different one per country. I am so happy about that as I am running out of things I want to try.

5) For whatever reason I opted to do the Selection Committee again. At least we beat San Francisco all without violating Shabbat!

6) Speaking of movies, if anyone knows where to find some of the Greatest Jewish Films on the one page I have, I would be very pleased. “Almonds and Raisins” 1988 is particularly hard to find. No one has it!

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