Be a human guinea pig / save a life

I think when many people think of becoming an human guinea pig, they only think of things such as being a medical test subject. However, for whatever reason, it seems that I am constantly being used as a class test subject. They must look at me and go “We want to experiment on you.”

I was one of the first few students for BCC’s pilot distance education class (in 1998) to see if they could work out a few kinks before they rolled out the program to paying students. I did get college credit for this which was very nice. Of course, any time you do a standardized test like the MCAT or GRE, you are doing an experimental section as well.

The latest guinea pig situation was being part of the Inaugural EMT class at GRU’s center of operations medicine. I have actually been in school since July 1 and had almost no time to schedule anything. It was the first time they tried doing such a thing and if all goes well they are going to eventually make all the medical students take an EMT class. The teacher was interesting perhaps overly so, although like BCC in 1998, we have had more than our fair share of technical difficulties.

As part of this class, we had to put tourniquets on each other which is something I recommend everyone *avoid* having performed on you. One of the students who was not there when we originally performed the skill, used me to practice on and I heard bones make funny noises and I physically jumped out out of my seat from the pain. Ouch.

All in all the class was not too bad, at least it was free and I came out with new skills to practice with and I have a bit of a jump in my physical diagnosis class.

Of course they also made us do clinical shifts including in the back of a 911 ambulance where we had to keep the patient stable and calm and alive of course until we were able to transfer care to the hospital. Mostly it was kinda quiet, but I did have my first patient. I had to calm someone who was trying to attempt suicide. 😦 I think I spoke more to the patient than the crew did since I was using all my prior therapy skills (and former clergy skills) to help. I think it will be a while before the attempts again. Of the four patents I eventually saw, he was one of the worst off and who nearly everything we did was in my scope of practice. There was also a cardiac later, but I literally could only scribe for it. 😦

Have you ever saved a life?

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