Drink a vintage wine

Something I did not realize about vintage wine is that vintage does not mean it is old. It means that it is all from the same year which I always felt that meant that they were old since none of the wine I see in the stores tend to have a year on them. So when I was getting tired of the very limited wine selection at Kroger, I decided to purchase an entire case of kosher wine from KosherWine.com. I selected several wines, some Israeli and some not. Almost all of them had a year on them making them… vintage!

I selected the first one to be a 2012 Alfasi Mistice (a red wine from Chile) to be the first one to be tasted as quite frankly, it was the only one I purchased that was listed as semi-sweet or sweet on the bottle and I was too lazy to go to the website to see what the reviews said. Rosh Hashanah was coming up. On Rosh Hashanah, we eat sweet foods like apples and honey so I took the bottle’s word for it. I later looked at the reviews and it said chocolate which I could not taste. I would have noticed that.

The wine was quite sweet, in fact if this is what semi-sweet tastes like I am fearful of what a sweet wine would taste like. It was much sweeter than I would have liked, but an appropriate Rosh Hashanah wine. It was less sweet than Manschewitz but not by that much.

What was your favourite vintage wine?

An early l’shanah tovah as 5776 is coming soon!

Completed : 2014 / RH 5775

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