Pay off student loans – part 1

I know this is a gimmee, but I was really proud of myself as I just paid off my smallest of my student loans, a small private loan from my undergrad days. It was a relatively small $8,000 loan which I was forced to take because of a major error at Emory which of course I had to pay for. It took me approximately 11 years to pay it off as it would only allow me to make payments when I was in school (they wouldn’t even tell you how to make a payment if you were in school). I found out when they billed me when they were not supposed to bill me that my pay off was only $960 so that is it.

I know it is minor but it is so nice to not have Emory on my tail which meant if I was even late on the payment, I could not get a transcript proving I had a degree!

I normally like asking a question at the end of my posts, but any question I have would open up a can of worms about the state of the US education system.

Completed : 2015

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