Goals for fourth quarter of 2015

Yes I definitely started medical school and I am still working on this. Oy. Medical school is time consuming!

1) I am taking my Hebrew, but I hate Ulpan 2 which is not at all like Ulpan 1 (maybe it’s the teacher?) Biblical Hebrew A is ok just boring. I would really suggest people only do Ulpan 1 through eteacher.

2) Still trying to squeeze in guitar playing with Center Stage Guitar Academy but at least my guitar is repaired now.  I sent a video message to my rabbi on his birthday.

3) Photo-a-day, almost done. Thank goodness. I hate doing it. It’s really annoying.

4) I am done with the International cooking challenge I had which means I can do the cooking write up since I basically taught myself how to cook things.

5) I still cannot find “Almonds and Raisins” 1988. That is really annoying!

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