Throw Away the Instant Noodles

One of the Things to do before you die was to learn to cook. Officially it says I have to learn to cook a three course meal which is something beyond what I have done so far simply due to the fact I am only one person. I have cooked a three or four course meal for Shabbat which included challah, salad, baked salmon, and a dessert which ended up lasting me for a entire week. Eventually, I will try that later. By the time I normally cook for people, it ends up being a case where it is a pot-luck.

However, I did decide to start a cooking challenge last year where I had to cook something from a different country every month for a year. Since I keep kosher now, cooking my own food has become a priority so this became required. Since I started cooking, I have been keeping a record of everything as well as all the recipes on Facebook. You can see the album here.

The earlier things (like the bread attempt) did not look so good, but as you can see it did get much better!

What are your favourite recipes? I am now looking for more things to try to cook! I’m a fan of quick and easy as well, hence I had a few microwave recipes!

Completed: 2015

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