See the All Time Greatest (Jewish) Films, part 2

This is the next set of ten of the 50 Greatest Jewish Films.

9) Gentleman’s Agreement

I think finally we found a movie that I understand why it was put on the list!

First of all, I think it is a very good movie.

Second of all, it gets to the heart of the issue in several different ways.

I think this is very accurate in many ways. I lived as a Jew for years and only had limited antisemitism. When I converted and was actually Jewish, in less than a year I was beaten up because I was Jewish and then a few months later I was turned down for medical school in 2014 simply because I was Jewish (I was actually told by one school they had a quota!) I think everyone should watch this movie!

19) Chariots of Fire

I don’t know about this movie. This movie makes it feel like all Jews have chips on their shoulders as that is how parts of the movie seem. But it is nice to see some Jewish athletes!

21) The Pawnbroker

I think this best illustrates the psychological issues that occur among Holocaust survivors and the feelings of detachment that result from what had to be one of the ultimate causes for PTSD. His attitudes could only be expressed and would be acceptable through an event such as that.

25) Crimes and Misdemeanors

I really hate Woody Allen films. Alan Alda is the best part of this film. I don’t know why this was being made a conversion requirement.

31) Driving Miss Daisy

Too many cheap Jew stereotypes for me. Some Jewish son that one guy is, more concerned with helping his business than civil liberties, that being said, I am a Jew in Georgia so that makes this a requirement for me.

33) Europa Europa

This was impossible to watch, it was all in German and Russian (?). Or something and the subtitles didn’t seem to match what was going on.

I did get that he was a Jew hiding from the Germans right in front of their faces. Can’t imagine how problematic it would be to have to tie one’s (remaining) foreskin down. Ow. Poor guy to have to hide like that but I guess it is better than the alternatives. I wonder what happened to Leni and if any of Jopp’s family survived the war? And I loved how the Germans had more of the stereotypes that they assigned to the Jews than the Jews did.

35) Broadway Danny Rose

This was one of those “required for conversion” movies by one of the rabbis I was working with.

So, 30 minutes into the show and we get our first Jew reference. As an Italian, I am completely offended by the Italians in this movie. We are NOT like that at all. Woody Allen is also not funny at all, I just don’t get it. Just because there is a Jew in a movie, doesn’t make it a Jewish movie.

40) Down and Out in Beverly Hills

This is an example of over-assimilation if anything. I don’t understand why this was another required movie for conversion to Judaism not do I understand why this is a top Jewish film.

44) Biloxi Blues

Really cute movie that didn’t seem like it would be relevant but it was. Quite funny movie about a few stereotypical Jews who are in the army.

45) The Diary of Anne Frank

Holy moley was this attic huge in relation to life in the ghetto! Anyway, you’ve heard the story before, but really as a movie this was probably better than reading about it even if there likely was some artistic license.

Every time this makes me think of my Uncle (well cousin-by-marriage) who was in Holland during the occupation. Uncle Ap was in hiding. He hid in something that was effectively a crawl space near the bathroom. Aunt Wanda (actual cousin) was the one hiding him. I think that is one of the reasons why I hate this story so much. Hits close. And that dentist is still a pain and let’s not get into my feelings about the van Pels family.

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