Own a pointless collection

I had to think a lot about this thing to do as quite frankly I am the very model of a person with a pointless collection. Where do I start? I collect so many things.

First I have to ask what makes something pointless? By the very definition if it has meaning to a person, it probably is not completely pointless.

My partner thinks my huge collection of books in my library is completely pointless. As he does my Judaica, he cannot understand why someone needs one tallit much less four of them, all the tzitzit, plus all the kippot. And the mountains of gemstones that I have.

I think my most pointless collection involves parts of my money collection. I have literally hundreds of coins, which of course have a monetary value. I probably have the world’s largest collection of coins with my birthyear on it, frankly it is pointless to collect something that specific but I started doing it when I was very, very young and never stopped. I also collect any coins that are pre-1965 although honestly I do not know why.

However, the ones I guess are the most pointless is my collection of pre-Euro European coins and currency. Quite literally, the value is zero unless you are a collector of currency. I have binders full of coins and currency from other countries that are labeled. I believe my oldest is 19th century China. Pre-Euro currency in Europe is by far the largest of all of them. My favourite being the 1999 500 lei coin from Romania and the 2000 2000 lei bill from Romania. Those two are the ones that got me into most of this foreign coin collecting. They both celebrate the eclipse over Romania in 2000.

I cannot see myself stopping any of this any time soon.

So what is your pointless collection?

Completed : Never!
Started: Who knows? 83?

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