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I’ve been working on a year long project called Photo a Day, but I am not technically done with that yet so I won’t post it until I do.  However, one of the photos I took got a shout out as a “Fab 6.”  They will pick about four to eight to do a shout out to of the several tens of thousands in the FB group alone.  Somehow one of mine was picked.  I don’t have a fancy camera and l-rd knows I don’t know how to take photography, so everything has just been on my iphone 6.

The prompt I “won” was Nov 20… me.  I nearly forgot I was rapidly approaching candlelighting and I had to get a photo before it was past.  I wasn’t looking well after the death of my grandmother last week. Since I was at synagogue, I took a quick photo of me in all my depression.  It was very honest and very real and not staged.  This somehow was selected as being one of the fab 6 which I will take as a mini-award. I just wish I had a better moment to capture.

Nov 20 - Me on 365 Project

The interesting thing is I haven’t spoken to my grandmother in years. She didn’t know I transitioned and probably didn’t know I became an Orthodox Jew. She was one of my babysitters when I was little but we grew apart more on her end than mine. She started to lie and my father admitted she was lying. This is when I was a teenager. I did not see her again until I was 20. Last year, when I lost my dog is when my father invited me for thanksgiving. I really only wanted to go because I figured it would be the last time before she died. Dad decided to be a jerk so I did not go and thus never got a chance to say goodbye. She was 91 and died of dementia.

I don’t even know a good question to ask at this point.

Completed : 2015

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