Building a house you can’t afford

There is one of the 101 Things to do which was a several in one and given just a little over a year ago we went into foreclosure, maybe now would be the time to discuss it.

In the early 2000s we were living in a trailer park and I was miserable as I was never able to have a dog and there were people all over making lots of noise. I was also next to a train but that is a story for another day. We found a great piece of land (10.5 acres) along the yellow river that had to be given back after 9/11 and we jumped on it. After a few years and much guilt from me, we opted to build a house.

I wanted to use the land in such a way that we were able to use the forest while protecting it and such and that I was going to be able to see the river from my office.  Unfortunately, due to the partner’s desire to be as cheap as humanly possible, we had to build very close to the road which did not allow us to even go back to the river with ease.  In the several years I lived there, I only went back there two or three times because I never could find the path way.  My partner liked the location as we had near constant hummingbird visitors.

The house we built was all the partner’s design which meant it worked for him but not for me.  Total, it was 2000 and then had a 2000 square foot basement.  On the entry level, we had a great room and kitchen (built for someone over 6 foot), a huge master bedroom and bathroom, two bedrooms, a half bath, another full bath, and an office.  Down in the basement, we had a sound-proof media room, a laundry room, another office, two huge living areas, a hobby room, another bathroom, and a storage area that was going to be a secondary master bedroom/bathroom.

Total cost was about 200K, but partner’s ex-wife kept suing him for stupid things and then with his loss of a job, we ended up missing A payment and ended up getting caught up in the Bank of America scandal causing us to eventually lose our home, myself to take to the streets, and giving me post traumatic stress any time a certified mail document comes in.

And now, I am about to build another house this time I am the one in control and it will be half the cost for everything I need.

Bank of America can still go screw itself.

What was your reckless thing?

Completed: 2005


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