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While I was unable to do the full three terms of the wonderful Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, I was able to see a few movies which makes me feel at least a little better about having to abandon it completely to go to medical school.  Unfortunately with the surprise push towards starting me in medical school an entire month early, I was unable to catch all but the minimum amount of films, which, to be honest I do not think any of them actually made it to the finals.

However with all of that, I still do not regret one single film I watched because of all of this, so much has contributed to my Jewish identity and has, whether I like it or not, continued to separate me from my religion of origin.  Of course these films solidified my identity more than going to Israel ever did or having a bar mitzvah ever did.  My lack of being able to watch more films with the film festival means I had to watch more Jewish films on my own although luckily that means I was able to do it on my own time which has caused me to almost completely finish the 50 greatest Jewish films of all time.  I think I got more out of the Film Festival though just because of the intensity. And the more I do these film festivals, the more I understand things like how people are selected for things like medical school, etc, and I can do it in a way that is educational for me!

I have already purchased some tickets to the AJFF for this year. In search of Israeli cuisine (closing night and there is food!), Jeruzalem, Singing in the dark, That Daughter’s Crazy, and The Venice Ghetto. I might also have to buy some tickets for an Israeli who is getting into down during the festival. If you are in the area, and want to go to the festival, remember the films are selling out fast!

Anyone have other suggestions on films for me to catch before they sell out?

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