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I was originally inspired to do a year long project of something when I heard about The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. While I am already a Jew who is rapidly going towards Orthodoxy, I felt trying to do something like that would really be redundant. So I wanted to consider something that would give me some of the skills that I could use to fulfill one of the other things to do. I didn’t want to use the cooking things I did because that was really once just a month. I wanted something that I would have to consider every day in the true spirit of a year long challenge.

This is the link to my profile on 365 project. It gets divided out by month in theory. It was Nov 20 which got the shout out.

If you are interested in also doing a photo a day challenge, the one I used was the Fat Mum Slim (FMS) photo a day. I really don’t think I learned that much about photography, per-say but I did enjoy looking at some of the pretty pictures that other people posted to the Facebook group.

Which of the photos I took was your favourite?

Completed : 2015

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