Blizzards, Evacuations, and Ghosts… Oh My!

In Feb 2015, we had a bit of a blizzard in North Georgia on the top of a mountain. I am not sure how many of you are from up north, but here in the South, we don’t have insulation since we spend the fast majority of our time trying to get RID of the excess heat if possible not trying to keep it in. We don’t have salt or anything of the sort. At one point, I was in a temperature of 1 degree F and a wind chill of -15 degrees. It’s a bit cold and colder if you don’t have something like a heater or anything.

And by blizzard, I mean no one could leave their house so it was a southern blizzard not a Northern blizzard where there was 10 feet of snow. I myself was stuck in my grandmother’s cabin in Blairsville Georgia for and could not do much of anything really. I spent one entire week iced in, then the next week snowed it. For a place where it doesn’t snow (per my grandmother) we sure got a lot of it. In fact, a state of emergency was called for the area and residents were urged to not leave their homes for any reason. Given the cabin is on an unpaved mountain road where no one can get up it or down it safely under the best of times, in the snow one couldn’t even try.

But I thought all of that was ok because I had nowhere else to be for a few days, I had to run down to Savannah eventually but I was planning on leaving on Wednesday. When I found out Monday morning that snow was gone but that it would be coming back in a few hours and that we would be snowed in again making my Wednesday travel plan impossible, I opted to leave almost immediately.

I brought the trash down to the dump, grabbed a few more medications, threw my only half packed suitcase in the car and headed out. I was still in my pajamas which I had thrown clothing over in order to go to the dump. (Don’t judge me I was going to go back to bed). I was not expecting at all to be on the road Monday. I was going to stay in Atlanta on Monday night but it turned out that the snow was going to hit Atlanta as well that night (and it in fact shut down the city) so I tried to sleep in my car in a rest area near Macon (I was a bit late as I was having dinner with a friend), but that turned out to be way too noisy so I checked into an Econolodge.

The next day I arrived in Savannah and spent a few days there exploring the historic district, went on the trolly tour, visited the Jewish cemetery, and the Reform synagogue (third oldest shul in the US). I decided I wanted to go on a ghost tour, but with how the weather was, we had to keep rescheduling my Hearse Tour which was cute. Could have been scarier but then it would have killed the old passengers with me. I enjoyed my time in Savannah. I would have liked to actually go hunt for ghosts though! I could definitely consider living there if the Jewish community had more kosher food.

Have you ever had to evacuate? What did you do and where did you go?

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