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A few days ago, I just got back from Washington DC where I was participating in the Medical Student Advocacy and Region Conference 2016, where I was to learn how to be an advocate and even got to speak to the staffers for Senators and House members. While I was there, I tried to knock things off my bucket list.

I was able to run to Arlington to pay my respects to my grandfather. Pop Pop, a WWII vet, is buried in court 5 and his 13 year yahrzeit just passed not long ago. No one had visited him yet so I was the first.

When I arrived in DC, I still had some time to do something and since I like interactive museums and I was recommended some time ago to visit the International Spy Museum in Washington DC which was already on my radar because it was listed as a thing on Roadside America’s website, that is what I did. I thought this was a really interesting offbeat museum dedicated to real and fictional (James Bond mostly) spies.

They also have a few additional interactive things, but the fact is you are unlikely to get to play with any of the interactive things because they are so popular and people like hogging the exhibits. What you do with this is you go in, wait for the elevator (only holds 25 people at a time) and they send you to a room where you pick a new identity. Then in the next rooms, you can look at movie props or real spy equipment or you can play with the exhibits if you are lucky.

This place is expensive though and for me, it was like $23 or something and I just took the museum. There was another thing you could do where you had some mission that you could also do. This is probably not the best for a solo person, but might be much more interesting for families. I had to work alone and this place was so crowded. The only thing I established is that I would make a great spy although I am sure that surprises anyone who knew me as a child.

What about you? Would you make a good spy? Would you even want to do it?

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