Learn to Fly a Plane

One of the things on the Things to Do before you die list was learn how to fly a plane. Well, let’s face it. That is going to take a very long time to do. However, I did get a reduced cost free helicopter lesson where I was given a little bit of a tour and a little bit of lessons. I found it through Groupon so that was really good deal even though it wasn’t very long.

It did give me a chance to ask a lot of questions about aerospace medicine and the demand for such in the area. Apparently it is very in demand. I am wondering if I become board certified, I can exchange a physical for proper or reduced flying lessons. The helicopter was very difficult to do in my opinion although I assume that flying a normal plane would be easier. On the tour we zoomed around Grady where I “waved” to my favourite attending physician/mentor. Not like he could see me though!

I do think this is something I might want to pursue more formally once I get more money and more time on my hands.

Would you ever take flying lessons?

Completed/Started: 2016

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