Children’s Holocaust Memorial

Another on the Roadside America, I drove several hours out of my way to come here. I’ve wanted to come since I learned the memorial was not terribly far from where I lived. I nearly had a nervous breakdown when entering the car and listening to the audio. (My only complaint is that the audio tour needs to be redone with a professional and de-Christianized.) I am a gay identified, disabled, observant Jew whose partner is of Romani descent, there is no way that I would have survived the Holocaust.

As is Jewish custom, I placed a small stone near the one side of the car. There were other people present and I am not sure if they noticed a few tears when I was standing off to the side looking at all of the paperclips and the apology to the Frank family.

The disrespect the other visitors had was astounding. One of the other visitors knocked down my stone, but did replace it and I was being stared at by younger visitors because of the kippah. It was a good thing I was not wearing my tzitzit. I looked through some of the holes in the car wondering what my people saw when they were being transported like cattle. Was the car being stared at like how the young girl was staring at me?

Although there was no minyan present, once the audio tour was over, I felt saying Kaddish was the right thing to do. When I left the car, I went around it, and rhetorically asked the car how many of my people did it transport to their deaths? 80-150 people per transport, how many transports did that particular car make? The car, of course, remained silent.

May all of their memories be a blessing.

Completed : 2014

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