Selection Committee – Augusta

One of the most awesome things really is finding yourself a volunteer opportunity that is so great that you just want to keep doing it over and over again. When I moved to Augusta, I got on the Augusta Jewish Film Festival committee. This wasn’t as hard to get on as the Atlanta one, however I still had a bunch of fun watching some of the movies. Unlike the other selection committee, there were not nearly as many meetings. Unfortunately there were also not nearly as many movies to watch or screen as the film festival is much smaller, but it was still great.

I was even able to screen one of the films I had purchased a ticket to for Atlanta which allowed me to send that ticket to a person who would not have been able to attend. Plus it allowed me to not have to drive down to Atlanta to watch it in person which saved me about 300 miles on my car as well as a tankful of gas.

As always, a great experience. I love being on these type of selection committees!

Completed  : 2015

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