Goals for the third quarter of 2016

1) Biblical B and Ulpan 2 through eteacher has started as I already mentioned. I am probably going to simply but a halt on it for a few more years. The skill is for me and not for others, but medical school tends to be stressing and I tend have to give a lot study towards it. I have other things I can do instead that gives me a medical break, like hypnotherapy which can be done in school and has no homework and is even self benefit.

2) I am down to only needing a few of the 50 Greatest Jewish movies of all time, not a surprise there, which it looks like I will just have to do something like buy the DVD or VHS but since I moved and I still have to set things up, that is more of a challenge since the fact I am supposed to be on bedrest for a bit due to emergency gall bladder surgery.

3) I have a few things to write up before school starts (was going to be write them early but I am writing this early and my visitor woke up and I can’t easily type and talk at the same time.) I am not sure what my actual plans were for doing anything new this semester as every time I had a set of things scheduled, they needed to be moved due to illness/injury).

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