See the All Time Greatest (Jewish) Films, part 4

13) Au revoir les enfants

Hour and a half film about a Jewish boy in hiding in a Catholic school for boys. Not exactly very interesting, but also not surprising if it was real. Very boring. Also it is in French so was a song and dance to find without subtitles.

15) Enemies: A Love Story (1989)

A very complicated love triangle. That is about it. 3 women and a man. Oy! Otherwise somewhat similar to “The Pawn Broker” (Holocaust survivor with flashbacks) if you have seen that.

20) Body and Soul

There is not a lot of Jewish content. The guy was Jewish… but is that it?

22) Goodbye, Columbus

Summer romance type movie. I’d recommend Dirty Dancing over it.

23) Bugsy (Unrated Extended Cut)

OK, I had to look up on Wiki to find out that he was Jewish, which by the way is the only connection to Judaism. I can otherwise not tell outside of some sort of Jewish last names. I did learn about the history of Las Vegas though!

24) Cabaret

Another movie that the only Jewish theme is that there are two Jews in the film who are not even the main characters and that it was set in Germany.

29) Homicide

Lots of racial insults and profanity and a self hating Jew who comes around to better understand himself and his identity. Not too bad in my opinion. Could have done with a lot less profanity though!

30) Madame Rosa

I am not sure I learned all that much about Jewish identity. But it was a touching story.

37) Marathon Man

There is an old Nazi involved and some Jews near the end. I am not sure this qualifies as a Jewish movie. Sorry.

41) Holocaust (The Mini-Series)

This is also very long (5 part miniseries) but you will get everything you will ever want to know about every aspect of the Holocaust told through the lives of a family.

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