Be Friends With Your Ex

One of the items listed in Horne’s book includes being friends with your ex. I am very lucky that I am friends with several of my exes, not all, but most. Of the ten relationships I’ve had, I am still good friends with five of them. Another one, I am still friends with his mother and another friends with his brother. I’ve met yet another one and he started hitting on me not knowing who I was. Two I am not in contact with at all.

For one of them, he was attending a wedding of another friend, and 6 or 7 years after we broke up, I went as his “date” to a friend’s wedding and he stayed the night. A few years later, he and another mutual friend stayed with me. That was only a few years ago.

I’m still on speaking terms with a few others even one who was in jail.

Are you still friends with your ex? How many of them?

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