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Expedition Bigfoot

So I didn’t hear about this place until a few days ago and since I was going that direction going to my neurologist, I figured I would take a slight detour and visit the museum.

I was not disappointed.

I went to the The International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine a few years back and I think Expedition Bigfoot if not physically bigger, certainly had more information and better exhibits. (And the other museum covered more than Bigfoot, you would have thought they would have had more stuff!)

I think there was barely a space that was not covered with SOMETHING. They even had a room they claim was a real research lab. Is it? Maybe. My labs I am used to are normally a little bigger, but it could probably do the job. They also have a small movie theater which completely slayed me with the old fashion intermission advertisements. They have newspapers, bigfoot casts, maps (why there were two sightings in Augusta, I will never know), recordings of a hand full of stories (and yes some of those calls did sound like a primate), and a small Tibetan exhibit as the Yeti is probably a close cousin of Bigfoot.

While I know one of the more famous videos did turn out to be a fake, I know most of the things on there are still definitely mysteries. I am neither a believer or non-believer, but I am definitely open to the possibility of some type of Gigantopithecus somehow hiding.

My only question is why was this not open when I was living in Blairsville for 9 months and was bored out of my mind? Especially since I used to work as a primatology intern and have a BS in Anthropology and Human Biology? Why did nobody tell me I could have gone to look for Bigfoot? That would have killed my boredom.

Would you go looking for Bigfoot?

Completed : 2018

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Goals for Second Quarter of 2018

Still applying to graduate school, had some interviews offered.  I really hope I am not stuck coming to Augusta University as it is just becoming unbearable as far as the bullying and such.

I’m still the highest medical hypnotherapist in the area, possibly the US.  Apparently someone is buying reviews given the fact I just saw someone jump up like 20 reviews in a month.  Yea right kid.  We know what you are doing.

1) I am still working on the native flute.

2) I have an old book from Nanowrimo that I am trying to send to agents, but not had the most success as a pick up yet.

3) I’m still trying to find new skills to learn.

4) I also still want to travel somewhere.

5) I’m investigating trying to learn scuba as I have to have a certification before I do the sharks.  Unfortunately with epilepsy that can be a problem.

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Conquer Your Fear (of Flying)

I was originally not going to discuss this one as I had plans to conquer another fear, however since in not too long I am going to post a trip that maxed out my sanity and that could not have happened without me conquering this fear first, I’m going to post about it

I’m scared of everything and that includes flying. At least I am in good company as people who have pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying) is somewhere between 20 to 25% of the population depending on the source. That makes it one of the most common fears.

I am not sure where my fear exactly came from, if it was the fact my father flew a lot for work or the fact I am scared of heights, enclosed spaces, and people all of which are in the airplane. Of course the fact that I know about every modern plane crash or disappearance imaginable does not help. The fact that my great grandmother’s sister (my great grand aunt), Eugenie Heloise Van Waard, was killed in the Tenerife airport disaster, the deadliest crash in aviation history certainly does not help!

But I had to go on a plane to go to Texas. I was originally going to drive but my driver had to have surgery so could not drive.

I had no time to get through a fear of flying course, but I did find this class which I felt helped… at least until I was on the plane.

I bought tickets for my grandmother and I to go to Houston.

She, by the way, is not a good person to fly with as she will tell you there is a gremlin on the plane. I was not amused. I was on the other hand terrified because she kept . As she requires special assistance she is the first one on and last one off the plane. The airline crew thought it was so cute that I was terrified of flying and they offered to let me see the cockpit. This was post-9/11 so that was a big deal. I declined and I told them I didn’t want anything to shatter the illusion that I was really on a really fast bus with wings.

I think the trip would have gone better if not for her gremlins thing.

I did end up doing much better on my next flight which was to Israel. 🙂

Are you scared of flying? Did you conquer it? If so, how?

Completed (at least in part!) : 2006

PS: You can learn more about the Tenerife disaster by checking out Project Tenerife.

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50 Questions to set your mind free – Part 4

31. At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?
Probably when I was in Israel in 2013. Although really every time I go to shul and get to teach Judaism, I feel passionate and alive.

32. If not now, then when?
How very Hillel. Now is always the time to try to do whatever you need done.

33. If you haven’t achieved it yet, what do you have to lose?
You don’t. You simply must try.

34. Have you ever been with someone, said nothing, and walked away feeling like you just had the best conversation ever?
Yes, there is more to life than just talking. You need to know when to be there for someone. I much prefer these conversations than verbal ones.

35. Why do religions that support love cause so many wars?
Because of the inherent nature of human beings to always assume what they are doing or what they believe is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There is no space for other people’s beliefs.

36. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?
No, because there is no such thing as pure good or pure evil. Even the most evil things imaginable have some good things behind them. To think in terms of black and white is to leave no space for shades of gray.

37. If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?
I would probably still be in school, so no.

38. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?
I would rather have more work that I actually enjoy doing.

39. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?
Not generally, I only feel like I have lived a day several times before when I watch Groundhog Day.

40. When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?
When I applied to medical school, LOL! Without a doubt, there is nothing that can prepare you for medical school!

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Roadside America – International Cryptozoology Museum

When I was visiting my partner up in Nashua, NH, we decided I needed to go collect some of the states where I had not previously been. This was part of my quest to collect all 50 states. So I hate just going to a state with no purpose so I had to find a reason to go.

I was originally going to go to the Jewish museum but it was hard to get in (huge lock even though it was during appropriate hours), but my partner loves Bigfoot and cryptozoology so we went to the International Cryptozoology Museum instead. It’s not big and it’s a little expensive, but it’s a cool collection of weird stuff and the employees are funny or maybe I like them because they laughed at my comparing Bigfoot to my father. I don’t know… hard to tell. 😉

As I recall, it was pretty hard to find so you might want to call for directions before you go.

So what is your favourite Cryptozoology creature?

Completed : 2014

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Go to a Pow-Wow

I’m trained as an anthropologist and when you are an interested in other cultures and to other spiritual practices as I am, it is no surprise for me to be interested in other cultural festivals. I can appreciate the drumming and the dancing and the colourful costumes.

Apparently the “Native American Festival and Pow Wow” held at Stone Mountain Park (in November) is supposed to be the biggest gathering Native American Gathering in Georgia and one of the top tourist events in the South. So I went to experience a pow-wow even if it may have been one more for the tourists although if I can be honest I have no idea if it was accurate or not since I have never been to others.

In this one since it was a festival as well, they had a lot of vendors selling various crafts and supplies (I need to return with money some day as I can pick up Scrimshaw materials), there was also several reenactment type encampments which was very neat to look in to see the examples of the tipis, and there was a birds of prey exhibition. They had a family of Aztec Dancers as well and someone who played the Native Flute although they were not playing native tunes which is what I would have expected.

We didn’t get to see nearly as much of the dancing as I would have liked but part of that was because not only did it start to rain but we were so late getting back to that section of the festival that there were no places left to sit so we were standing.

Next year I am already planning on going again and being a little more prepared especially with money as there were several things I should have purchased.

What pow-wow if any have you been to? What did you enjoy about it? What would you recommend if I attended again?

Completed : 2017

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Selection Committee – AJFF

I really like doing this one as you can see.

I went back to doing all three terms on the AJFF, which was really weird because people who I had worked with for ages didn’t recognize me even by the last term. I have only sat on the festival for a number of years. Again there were nearly 600 films. Personally, I did not think the quality of the movies that were submitted were the best quality although that could be because I am getting cynical and I am really tired of working with Holocaust films. Please for all of the future film makers out there, please if you want to do a Jewish movie, we have a very rich and creative history which is not just the Holocaust. If I can be honest I really don’t want to be so reminded that I have nightmares because I have to watch it.

Did anyone on the evaluation committee see any good movies that they can recommend?

Completed : 2017

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Goals for First Quarter of 2018

I was spending a lot of time working on graduate school applications as well as the business. I have apparently the most reviews of any hypnotherapist in the Southeast as far as I can tell, which is great I guess. I am still trying to have a full client load which is hard to do if you play ethically and fix problems rapidly.

My graduate school applications have gone well. GRE was decent although I had no time to study. Still got higher than I was aiming, the eight programs I am applying to, I am over the average for six.

1) I am still working on the native flute.

2) I did National Novel Writing Month again and I am really proud of the result. I am likely going to try to do something with that.

3) I’m going to post more from AJFF

4) I am really getting the travel bug so I would love to go somewhere cheap. Where? Who knows. I haven’t been out of the country in a while, maybe the Bahamas?

5) I really want to take a class in something new so I have some groupons saved in my browser.

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La Brea Tar Pits

Another one of my most ancient things on my bucket list was a journey to the La Brea Tar Pits. This has been on my list since I was a huge fan of the Gary Owens/Eric Boardman team who did the dinosaur children documentaries. One of them was “Prehistoric World” which was ice age and they went to the La Brea Tar Pits. It was one of the shows I watched the most as a child, probably drove my grandmother insane.

The tar pits were quite expensive to park $12 which is the same cost as to get *into* the museum. The museum is I think somewhat bigger than I was expecting having only seen it on TV, but yet not nearly as big as most natural history or science museums I am used to seeing. The grounds were huge though which included an active dig and several things to walk around and watch.

My visit wasn’t as good as it could have been as there was a huge field trip that day and the kids pretty much hogged all the exhibits and destroyed the additional show that I paid for as they kept screaming and shouting. Really kids, your chaperones were all yelling at you and you still misbehaved? Apparently it was a charter school who also just started their school year. I never saw any school start on field trips that early especially to such an expensive place!

Anyway it was interesting to see some of the things that were on the TV up close although it had been so long since I saw the show that everything was mostly new again. The atrium type area was really really pretty and would be a nice place to propose marriage. I wish there was even more to do at the tar pits and would have really liked to have more money to spend at the gift shop which was also very expensive but had so many neat things in it.

Is there any place you wanted to go as a kid and later visited you as an adult?

Completed : 2017

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Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame

Let me say I was in LA to attend my HMI graduation last August, so I attempted to be smart and do as much of the LA-specific bucket list items as possible so La Brea is going to be coming up as well.

So it was on my last day in LA that I was trying to get get out of my airbnb early enough to go catch a movie at the Chinese Theater, but my host opted to try to find other things for me to do in LA because I do not think he liked the idea. This completely messed up my plans not that his suggestions weren’t great, but they were not my interests and were not on my bucket list. He talked so much (an hour) that by the time I got out of there there was no way to park in any of the parking lots near the theater. I was going to watch Blazing Saddles at the theater and then walk around up and down the walk of fame. But instead due to lack of parking, and it took me an hour to find a parking space anywhere, I parked several blocks away in one of the very few free parking spots. It was only for two hours. By the time I walked to the Walk of Fame, I had to practically turn around and walk back.

When I was there, I tried not to do anything bad like actually vandalize because there was more than enough vandalism that already took place there. There were not enough blank stars to do it to anyway! I did walk to see a few stars (Elvis and the Beatles) and then walked back home.

Who would you like to see on the walk of fame?

Completed : 2017

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