Zip-lining at night

So I went to Las Vegas in August and I went on the Rio’s Voodoo Zipline which is like 500 feet up.

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do this one or Slotzilla but the proximity to Gold Coast which was the sister hotel to Orleans where I was staying really sealed the deal. Given the lateness of the conference and the fact I was dependent on shuttle transportation and had to be so careful due to epilepsy an Las Vegas is a living nightmare for me. This way, I could walk only one hotel over and then not risk so much in the way of danger.

Going into the Rio was very confusing since the directions to the zipline showed a different direction than how you went, like the elevators that said 50-51 floors did not actually go to them. I had to have a hotel staff member show me the entrance and yet another place to be. Once I went to the check in and then was told to go to the retail shop, then back to check in them was sent to the elevator that only went to the top floors. It was a glass elevator and as much as I am terrified of them, I knew this was nothing in comparison to what I signed up for.

For whatever reason, there was almost no line which is very different from the reviews that said the lines were always long. By the time the elevator got me to the top I received a text saying it was my turn to ride. Well ok then! As luck would have it I went alone on a tandem ride and yes I was pretty secure to my seat although that really is not something that one is thinking about when one is the better part of 500 feet up. I was more concerned with what was above me then below me as in not wanting the cord to snap!

It didn’t though!

While the launch was a bit of a drop and was pretty freaky, I was able to watch the sunset in the distance from way up and watched some of the stars. I did cling to the chair though! It was over before I knew it and I was on my way back to the Orleans.

So Slotzilla or Rio? Which would you choose?

Completed: 2017

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White Water Rafting

Anybody who has known me for a super long time probably knows the very first thing that was literally ever on my bucket list was to go whitewater rafting. My mother said she went with my father before I was in the picture and that she really enjoyed it. So I’ve wanted to go since I was young (maybe 8?) but my parents said I was too young as a lot will not take people younger than 12, when I became older, Mom made every excuse in the book not to take me.

She said going tubing in Helen, GA was the same thing. Um… no mom, it isn’t.

So for my entire adult life I kept an eye out for white water rafting. Most places around me didn’t do such a thing. When I was in a place that did, the spousal unit wouldn’t go and would not let me go. Then when I had very bad epilepsy, I wasn’t allowed to go. Then every time I actually looked like I was going to go, well it rained and things were cancelled because one doesn’t want o

So ended up never getting to go. Finally around the time of my birthday this year, I found a deal that Adventures Unlimited was offering. So I jumped on it. I didn’t realize it was 5 hours away. Hey if it says it’s a local deal I expect it to be within an hour or two!

Aug 7 2017 is when I booked for. I had to of course take off the entire day since it was far, I woke up at 4 am, was on the road by 4:30 am/5 am and went… of course it started to rain about 20 minutes from the destination. I was expecting them to cancel but it was rain or shine. Say what? Apparently lightning is rare up there. Well ok then.

It was nine of us. Me, a party of 2, and a party of 6. We were late leaving for our ride because one of the party of 6 was self entitled and thought it was ok to leave late from his place so he would arrive late. Luckily it wasn’t a huge problem, although it did tick off everyone who was not a part of the party of 6. We had to grab our life jackets, paddle, and helmets and went on two rafts.

I got the rookie leader (they have one person that has been around for a few years and team them up with someone who might be their first year being a leader) but I felt pretty safe. The rookie, Cole I think, had grown up in the area and knew the river well and he was about as small as I was which made me feel a little better about doing this. I know my size works against me more often than not. There were only three people in his raft and thank heavens the other two were somewhat experienced as I obviously was not. There weren’t a lot of people on the river for whatever reason, perhaps it was because it was a Monday and school was starting back in session in the area or not, who knows.

There were a ton of class 2-4 rapids which seemed about right for me. Obviously a 5 would have been bad for a newbie. I really liked the trip although it could have been longer and with more rapids. I really appreciate not being dumped in the water like they did with the other raft. That would have been much more dangerous for me than others. I can definitely be convinced to try that again.

What was the biggest rapid you’ve ever gone through?

Completed : 2017

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Drive a car at top speed

I almost think this is a little cheating since I became an EMT and thus have been expected to at some point learn how to drive an ambulance.  I got my chance a few times in November, including a 24 hour period where I was working a 911 truck and had to SPEED and go as FAST as I could with lights blaring.

So I drove that thing at top speed although something no one tells you is that the ambulance can only GO about 70 mph, so I hit that at it’s top speed.  All I have to say is that I’ve hit 90 in my car and did not feel like I was about to die.

What is the fastest you’ve ever driven?

Completed : 2016

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Bungee Jump

As a lot of people may remember or know that Bungee Jumping was a huge and somewhat dangerous fad in the 1990s.  Many many people were injured and many places deem it illegal.  The closest one that there is now now is a very “safe” full body which is not available many places.  Luckily a theme park near me, Six Flags over Georgia, has a Sky Coaster, which as my friend calls it, “a nope on a rope” which is effectively a safe bungee jump.  I went on the Nope on a Rope and had a blast.  Actually I went two times and would have gone infinite more times if I could.

You get fitted into a body suit that distributes the force among your body from the pelvis to the shoulders instead of having all of it balance on an ankle.  They hook you up to a machine and they haul you (and up to two others) to a highpoint and then you rip the cord and go flying towards the ground and go at an angle.  Everyone else was screaming but I found it very soothing like a nice deep trance.  I had no worries or fears and just liked savouring the experience.  10/10 would do again.  I would even be open to trying something like base jumping but I have no idea if that would be a good idea or not!

Would you ever go on a nope on a rope?

Completed : 2016

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Learn to Fly a Plane

One of the things on the Things to Do before you die list was learn how to fly a plane. Well, let’s face it. That is going to take a very long time to do. However, I did get a reduced cost free helicopter lesson where I was given a little bit of a tour and a little bit of lessons. I found it through Groupon so that was really good deal even though it wasn’t very long.

It did give me a chance to ask a lot of questions about aerospace medicine and the demand for such in the area. Apparently it is very in demand. I am wondering if I become board certified, I can exchange a physical for proper or reduced flying lessons. The helicopter was very difficult to do in my opinion although I assume that flying a normal plane would be easier. On the tour we zoomed around Grady where I “waved” to my favourite attending physician/mentor. Not like he could see me though!

I do think this is something I might want to pursue more formally once I get more money and more time on my hands.

Would you ever take flying lessons?

Completed/Started: 2016

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Skydive for Charity, part 3 – The flight / The amount raised

OK! Well so the flight is over and I am safely back on planet Earth

In case you missed the memo, I was doing a charity skydive. Although this is not the first time I have fulfilled the criteria of conquering one’s fear as offered by “101 Things to Do” (that honour goes to dealing with fear of airplanes when I was in graduate school), it is the first one that is really getting written up and posted.

Acrophobia is the proper term for having a fear of heights and it affects up to 5% of the general population. Unfortunately I am one of those people. So what better way than to try to deal with it this way?

I raised money for The National MS Society about $752.  My friend Connie donated so much money, I cannot even tell you how crazy that was.   What a lady!

I think I was worse off mentally before the skydive than during it.  The freefall itself, not so bad.  I really should have taken some Dramamine though.   That parachute ride, very nauseating.  Surprisingly I was not terribly scared.  WHY WASN’T I SCARED DURING THE DIVE???

For the record, don’t land like I did!  I didn’t get hurt BUT I should not have landed that way.

I have a video of it!

I am willing to entertain the thought of doing that again.  🙂

Anyone know of any group that wants to help me fundraise for them, so I can do that again?

Completed : 2014


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See a shuttle launch/land

The original thing to do was actually to see the Shuttle launch which depending on how close you have to be means either you can count me or not.

I lived in Florida on the east coast exactly a few hundred miles from where the shuttles would launch. On a good day, if you knew exactly when it was launching and exactly where to look, you could just barely see it launch. So really that wasn’t that much of a challenge although I always did want to see it in person much closer. Unfortunately with the demise of the Shuttle program (RIP), I never did get to see the shuttle launch up close.

I was near KSC however, when the GLAST launched in 2008. I was filming a space related TV show and because we were space related we stopped filming and all went out to the beach in order to watch the launch. It was delayed several times and we kept looking for someone on the radio so we could hear any news. My daughter was so not into the launch and just was too busy being fascinated by the beach. I just don’t get it.

Now I also saw a shuttle land and that had a bigger effect on me. It was the first and so far only time I was at KSC and that was only because I was pregnant and my family forgot I could not do all the rides at Disney so they were good enough to FINALLY take me to KSC. We had heard there was a shuttle up, but didn’t think much of it after all shuttles were most likely to land out in California. However, we were at the area closest to the landing site when we heard an announcement over the loud speaker that they were expecting the shuttle to try to make a landing attempt but the skies were not looking good at the normal location and they were hoping to land at KSC! My partner, mother and grandmother and I were like “What??” The announcer also told us that everyone in this building were at literally the closest we could possibly be and if it lands at KSC we would have the best possible view of anyone at KSC. When they said the shuttle was making it’s descent, we all rushed outside. My grandmother went as far as the pavement went (she was in a wheelchair because she could not walk) and I was nearly at the fence. We just waited and waited and many false sightings later the Space Shuttle Endeavour came into view and landed right in front of us! My grandmother was crying and I asked why and she said it was because they were safe. I told her we have not lost a landing yet. The next landing was the Columbia accident. I think I jinxed it. 😦

Did you ever get to see a launch or landing?

Completed: 2009 (close launch) and 2002 (landing)

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Skydive for Charity, part 2 – The reactions

One of the first people I told that I was going to go skydiving for charity was my favourite rabbi (Rabbi Brad). In fact, since every rabbi of my synagogue is going to Israel together, I had to make sure that in the event things don’t work out so well, I need to make sure that there is a rabbi to bury me in the event I end up as a big Jewish tomato as one person put it. Apparently we are going to have our retired rabbi likely being on rabbi duty which might be nice as I have only interacted with him a little bit.  That being said I wanted to make sure that I had SOMEONE just in case.

What did Rabbi Brad say to me when I told him? “Just don’t die.” Thanks Brad.

When I told my neurologist’s office of my plan, and also wanted to get Dr. Olson’s opinion, the office manager said she wished she was going with me. That scares me. Olson actually was fine, asked for a business card, and then the practice donated money.

Other comments made on Facebook when I asked if people thought I was crazy:

Michael S : “Get someone on the ground to record it. If your chute doesn’t open and you hit the ground, you’ll get a million hits on YouTube…and….if you hit the ground, the jump is free as well. You’ll look like a tomato……a big Jewish tomato….”

Sean B : “Wait this is a thing?! No you wouldn’t be crazy…… you would be AWESOME. And I am going to try and do this too!”

Jerry C : “No one who knows you would be surprised, unless it involved landing in a pool full of sharks and/or acid.”

Catherine C : “If I didn’t think you were crazy already, this would not push me over the edge.”

One of the benefits to sky diving is that I will be able to check off two of the “101 things to do” as I am also acrophobic (scared of heights). I have many reasons that I am scared of heights and hopefully this will tame a little bit of that fear.

I am still collecting donations. If you are interested in supporting me in the efforts please click here.

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Go to a rodeo

A few days ago I went to my first rodeo.

My family has this passionate hatred for rodeos which I find interesting given the obsession with going out west. My family used to do craft fairs at the Davie rodeo arena a few times a year and that was the extent of the situation there and the only thing they would say was that rodeos were full of fleas as that was the extent of what we had to deal with at the craft fair, we’d be covered in fleas from the animals.

So as a result I never went to a rodeo. So I decided I wanted to go to one so I could say I have been to one. I kept missing rodeos because they were all on Shabbat and I don’t drive on Shabbat. I will ride in a car on Shabbat but I try to avoid driving. So when the Shabbos goy arrived I have been making him take me to things. There was a rodeo in Hamilton Georgia so we went.

That was a long drive which seemed to never end. We still ended up there several hours early and were one of the first cars there.

The thing that struck me the most was how religious the entire thing was. We also looked significantly out of place that they asked where we were coming from.

We actually left and sat out in the car because we were there too early then came back after an hour or so. The partner got something to eat while I waited on the top part of the bleacher. Then after he got me something to eat he went back out to get a funnel cake which is when I started having problems. Everyone started getting those annoying flashing hats and such that were so bright I nearly had a seizure… a tonic clonic one not that little partial that I am known for. The poor partner had to leave his long funnel cake line when he would have been the next person up because he had to go get me sunglasses. The strobes were so bright they were reflecting off my skin!

When it started, it was beyond patriotic. It was all “Murica.” Now I know what it is like to be patriotic, I have been in the south my entire life so when I say this is beyond that, I assure you it was to an extreme. Also in the opening there was a PUBLIC PRAYER worshiping Jesus. Come on now, we don’t have that in any other sports event that I have attended. You better believe I did not stand for the flag or for the prayer. I did, much to the person sitting next to me’s disgust, say the shema. And people think I’m religious, they had religious things right outside their high school. I look like an utter and complete atheist in comparison to these people.

As far as the events go, the barrels and bulls were both entertaining although I do not understand why barrels is female only when there is no male only event. Some of the middle school students were competing at the same level as the adults which I find very impressing. The bull riding went over way too fast, so fast you can’t even see the people on the bull. Several people were injured, one they called for the medics.

I considered all of the roping events with the 3 legged roping and header/heeler things to be downright animal cruelty.

All that being said, I think given the most excitement there was was the near seizure, I think this has caused me to realize that I am definitely not a country person. I cannot deal with the religion and extreme patriotism that goes along with living in the country.

Have yo been to a rodeo and what was your opinion of the immense religion in it? Are there any religion free rodeos?

Completed: 2014

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Skydive for Charity, part 1 – The National MS Society

I am doing a charity skydive event benefiting The National MS Society. I figure if I am going to do something as stupid as jumping out an airplane (more on conquering a fear later), I might as well try to raise some money right? What happens in this whole charity skydive thing is that my goal is I have to raise a minimum of $500 but can choose to raise more. The first $250 goes to pay the group who does my skydive. The rest of the money the charity I am doing it through (who is doing publicity and such) takes 18% past that. The rest gets sent to the charity I designate.

    Why The National MS Society?

Originally I was trying to do another organization, but because they were taking so long (over three months even though the executive director thought it was great), I just moved on. I will offer them another jump or something else.

However, it just so happened that one of my friends, who happens to have MS, has a very big day coming up. When I finally got tired and realize skydiving season was about to close, I saw that National MS Society was already listed as a charity with Charity Skydive. I guess that means they have already been done. So I contacted my friend saying I wanted her opinion, and then all of a sudden we pretty much had it confirmed that I was going to do it in honour of her big day.

    What the heck is MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disorder. It involves the deterioration of the myelin which protects the nerves. This can cause many, many problems such as the inability to walk, blindness or other visual issues, swallowing, weird sensations, and apparently has a type of pain that is unlike any other type of pain one can experience. Pretty much anything you use your nerves for, can be affected by the disorder and you just don’t know what is going to happen or how the lesions are going to end up affecting you. While MS is not the disorder that scares me the most, I would solidly rate it in the top 10 of medical disorders I do not want. I’ll keep my epilepsy and autism thanks.

If you are interested in supporting me in the efforts please click here.

Hopefully this is going to be the first major charity event I do as I think one of my personal things to do is going to be raise an obscene amount of money for charity. I hope one day I will have raised a million dollars but we are going to start small with a personal goal of $1,000. 🙂 Feel free to help me get higher!

Huge shout out to my friends at Dekalb Neurology for their very generous donation! Although I have to admit, I am not sure if this means they want to support me in my efforts or if my neurologist wants to push me out of a plane. Really hard to tell with neurologists, they are weird people.

Anyone want to help donate?

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