Apply to be on a reality show

While my graduate applications are not going well, at least the casting directors are not bored.  I was contacted via phone surprisingly in March just a bit after my last blog post.

While this sounded good, it was for a family in Georgia and my entire family is scattered.  Every person she asked about was in a different state.  She was interested in me being a hypnotherapist, she said she wanted to keep my information and I agreed because I am partnered and have kids but I have to live as a single person.  It’s horrible.

I’m sad I could not get free publicity for my practice.

Am I horrible that I am thinking this way?

Completed : 2018

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Apply to be on a reality show

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely LOVED watching Queer Eye for the straight guy so imagine my surprise when a casting director contacted me as they were looking for a recently transitioned ftm who might need some help. I already had applied for a reality show so this was another one, a better one.

Unfortunately they were mostly looking for Atlanta area, but the casting director became incredibly excited because I have such a unique story given I am also a hypnotherapist who is about to open their own practice. How many times does that come up? I had a lot of fun doing the interview and since I already knew a little bit about the television industry and what people look for, I was able to give them the best information that I could to help make their life easier. I had a lot of fun doing the interview although getting everything together to make their life easier was a big pain in the butt. I didn’t get chosen because I was a little out of their driving range. I was so bummed. I had already envisioned all of the wonderful things I was going to learn and how wonderful they were going to make my house and how great it would be for the practice but it was not to be because of the distance.

Whatcha going to do?

Completed : 2017

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Apply to be on a Reality TV Show

This is one of those “Replacement Things to do” which replaces “Throw a House Party When your Parents are Out” as by the time I got the book, I had not lived with my parents in many years. Since I never was left alone, there is no way I could have done that so I replaced it with something which is a different level of reckless… “Apply to be on a reality TV show.”

Most of those shows just aren’t that interesting although I enjoyed watching Mad Mad House and would have loved to be on that. My partner however says because I am so open about the weird stuff that went on in that house (the only alt that I was squicked over was the Primitive with all the body modifications), I would not have been picked because they want people who were going to be uncomfortable with everyone.

I also really liked Ghost Hunters Academy which I would have also been very comfortable with, but they wouldn’t have liked me because I am “sensitive.”

So I have been looking on Reality Wanted for something that I can apply to.  As I just restarted college and I love to travel, I applied to something via All3Media on college kids that want to study abroad and travel  I do not think I have the ability to get in but it is something that looks like it could be fun! So far I haven’t heard back but I will let you know if I do!

Would you be wiling to apply to a reality TV show for any reason?

Completed : 2017

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Building a house you can’t afford

There is one of the 101 Things to do which was a several in one and given just a little over a year ago we went into foreclosure, maybe now would be the time to discuss it.

In the early 2000s we were living in a trailer park and I was miserable as I was never able to have a dog and there were people all over making lots of noise. I was also next to a train but that is a story for another day. We found a great piece of land (10.5 acres) along the yellow river that had to be given back after 9/11 and we jumped on it. After a few years and much guilt from me, we opted to build a house.

I wanted to use the land in such a way that we were able to use the forest while protecting it and such and that I was going to be able to see the river from my office.  Unfortunately, due to the partner’s desire to be as cheap as humanly possible, we had to build very close to the road which did not allow us to even go back to the river with ease.  In the several years I lived there, I only went back there two or three times because I never could find the path way.  My partner liked the location as we had near constant hummingbird visitors.

The house we built was all the partner’s design which meant it worked for him but not for me.  Total, it was 2000 and then had a 2000 square foot basement.  On the entry level, we had a great room and kitchen (built for someone over 6 foot), a huge master bedroom and bathroom, two bedrooms, a half bath, another full bath, and an office.  Down in the basement, we had a sound-proof media room, a laundry room, another office, two huge living areas, a hobby room, another bathroom, and a storage area that was going to be a secondary master bedroom/bathroom.

Total cost was about 200K, but partner’s ex-wife kept suing him for stupid things and then with his loss of a job, we ended up missing A payment and ended up getting caught up in the Bank of America scandal causing us to eventually lose our home, myself to take to the streets, and giving me post traumatic stress any time a certified mail document comes in.

And now, I am about to build another house this time I am the one in control and it will be half the cost for everything I need.

Bank of America can still go screw itself.

What was your reckless thing?

Completed: 2005


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Leave a Job You Hate

I just moved a scheduled post to make room for this one as this just happened.

One of the “Things to do before you die” was leave a job you hate. I’ve had a lot of jobs that I’ve not been in love with, but I have a high tolerance for stupid people and bullshit so I continued to be a part of them until I just stopped getting work. I once even had a psychologist inform me that I had more patience than he did (and that was patience and not patients!) which is true. With all that in mind, I never quit a job. Never. Until yesterday.

Now if you know me, you know I am a mostly Shabbat observant Jew. That means I do not generally work on Shabbat (Saturday) although if someone is in desperate need and it must be done on Saturday, I will come through for them if they are going to be in financial stress. With that in mind, I was asked if I could come through for a friend a few months ago. He knew he was going to have a conflict and I was more than willing to help at the time. I was about 50 miles from where I would have to be every day and provided I made about $30 a day (I charge $5/hr time in car plus gas), I could break even on everything. However, I then moved 150 miles from the site and I was still under a vow (we Jew take Oaths and Vows very seriously) to keep my promise even though now my cost in gas alone was $30, my time in car driving would have been at least $30 (closer to $40) or get a hotel room ($60) plus pet sitting ($20), would have made $100 a day more reasonable. Knowing this the manager of the booth who lived much closer to site, said I could stay with him and bring my dog, however he knew I had to do other things to do and to use my computer.

I continued to look for more work which did not work out. Had a baby sitting job which was cancelled last minute. Found one bit of breaking work, which should have been fine only under ideal situations.

Unfortunately, I get to his house on Friday, help him clean, get yelled at several times while his dogs attacked mine. At that point, my partner already said I needed to quit but I was determined to see it through the night. I get kept awake by his roommate until 1 am (TV shut off at 12:52). Between the noise, the ice cold (no blankets), and the dog pee scent from his dogs, I ended up watching the clock until 6 am at which time I let my dog out which stirred up the other dogs. I was then yelled at for letting my dog out. I almost quit right there.

But I go to site, helped set up. Was forced to work full time on no sleep and was being yelled at that I was looked bored and was tired, went to break the other person, came back and continued to be yelled at. My religion was ripped on once when I was purposefully not dressed as an observant Jew and my being transsexual was also made fun of. No.

When I was told we had to get there 8:30 every morning (2 hours before opening), I said “Nope, no, no.” Then he said well I could come closer to cannon and drive myself (which I cannot afford the gas) and I just continued saying nope and told him it was for all of it. I said I didn’t deserve that, plus the lack of sleep, plus how my dog was treated and that it was the last straw. I took the rest of my stuff and turned in my pass, that is just affecting my health at this point. He was apologizing to me that it didn’t work out. I’m sorry, this could have worked out if I was treated better. I am a 33 year old man, not a 16 year old child. I do not need to stand for any form of abuse and I never did get paid for any of it even my one day.

That saddest thing is, this was my last straw doing work of this type. There is no way on G-d’s green earth I am doing this again. Nope, not a one and I have been doing these type of festivals for 20 years. I’m retired, I haven’t gotten any pleasure in it in years.

What is the worst job you’ve had and how did you quit it? I almost wish I were more epic, but at a point, I don’e even feel sad about it.

Completed : 2015

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Get a Tattoo or Piercing

One of the “things to do” is to get a tattoo or piercing, which I am not entirely sure that is fair as I believe this is considered being under the reckless category in the book. If you were born female and in the United States, culture dictates that you will have SOMETHING pierced, generally your ears. I’m not sure if that is more reckless or cultural norm anymore than the various cultures in Africa stretching their necks or putting plates in their lip. (Not that there is anything wrong with either but it is not reckless there and might be reckless here.)

As someone born female, I had that right of passage (ears pierced) performed when I was about 6 years old.

We went to one of the places in a mall near my grandmother’s house. Perhaps that was a bad idea as the woman was not very good. Ok yea, she marked my ears well enough, but there was no analgesics and she walked away in the middle of the session when the gun misfired and she decided to take a phone call for 15 minutes leaving me screaming bloody murder that entire time.

She then came back to fix the piercing, but the damage was done. I had repeated infections in that hole for the next 25 years which could all be traced back to that misfire and screwed up scarring. The infections only went away when the holes closed up.

I think I can safely say that I am not getting another piercing again, and let’s not discuss tattoos which, as a reasonably observant Jew, I cannot see the point in doing. I do like ear cuffs and one day want to use those instead although I would have nowhere to wear them. I will say as a man with pierced ears, I would occasionally get quite a look!

Does anyone else have a piercing horror story? And if you did a tattoo instead, what does it mean to you?

Completed : 1987

Also good luck to all of those people sitting on medical school waitlists, today is D-Day for the allopathic schools!

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