Get Married Unusually

Of course everyone or at least most people assume they going to be married some day. Some might want an unusual wedding which is what the Thing to Do is supposed to be.

18 years today was my wedding. I should not say it was a wedding as we eloped.

No one really knew we were dating in my family except for my grandmother. My mother and father had threatened to have my fiance (at the time) arrested several months before.

When my grandmother distracted my mother by taking her to Georgia for a week, Partner and I got our marriage license and were married in the Ft Lauderdale Courthouse with my best friend and his best friend as witnesses. The whole thing took 5 minutes. We then hid our marriage for 3 years which I suppose is definitely unusual.

If I had it to do over again, I would have had a Jewish-style wedding even though neither of us were Jewish. Or a medieval wedding. Or some type of theme. We at least won for cheapest wedding ever… 88.50 for the marriage license and 20 for the notary to sign the form. Then we went to Disney World for a weekend where in the middle of the night the fire alarm went off, hell of a way to spend a wedding night.

If you could have a theme for your wedding what would it be?

Completed : 1999

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Be Friends With Your Ex

One of the items listed in Horne’s book includes being friends with your ex. I am very lucky that I am friends with several of my exes, not all, but most. Of the ten relationships I’ve had, I am still good friends with five of them. Another one, I am still friends with his mother and another friends with his brother. I’ve met yet another one and he started hitting on me not knowing who I was. Two I am not in contact with at all.

For one of them, he was attending a wedding of another friend, and 6 or 7 years after we broke up, I went as his “date” to a friend’s wedding and he stayed the night. A few years later, he and another mutual friend stayed with me. That was only a few years ago.

I’m still on speaking terms with a few others even one who was in jail.

Are you still friends with your ex? How many of them?

Completed : 1996 and ongoing

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Answer a personal ad

One of the things to do was answer a personal ad. I’ve done that both on online dating sites and on stuff like Craigslist. I have been ignored more on those type of things than anything. I think for the most part I am not good with social interactions and I have never really gone much past that. Maybe it is because I am so uncomfortable around meeting new people that email is as far as it goes. Then I stop responding after a while because I have so much to do that emails get lost unless they are urgent.

I am just convinced that only the worst people on on them either that or I am just not good enough to get a second date with any of them. Even as a woman, men expected ME to pay for THEIR meal. I’m sorry, no.

What was the worst online dating experience you’ve had?

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