Attempt : Sensory Deprivation

This is what I left for Clark Salon in Canton, Georgia when I was going to do a sensory deprivation tank… I would strongly recommend NOT dealing with this company. If anyone would like to inquire about the situation to me privately, I am easily able to be found with the username melsmarsh pretty much everywhere.

As a business owner myself, it always pains me to leave a negative review of any small business because I know how it can impact rankings as well as sales.

I found their groupon for a 60 minute float, something that has been on my bucket list for a while. I am epileptic but have been on medication for over 10 years. I do not have tonic-clonic seizures, I have what are called complex partial seizures which are annoying but are low risk. The only reason I do not challenge myself off medications is because I’m also an EMT. That being said, everything I do that is on my bucket list gets run by several healthcare providers and if even one expresses concern, the idea is set on the backburner. In this way, I have gone skydiving, snorkeling, swimming with manatees, white water rafting, learn to fly a helicopter, horseback riding, vision quests, a modified Native American “sweat,” and modified whole body bungee jump (twice).

Imagine my surprise when I was told after driving 3+ hours to get to the spa and checking in that there was a problem because I was epileptic. I had researched much information on floating, and knew many epileptics who said this was one of the most peaceful experiences of their lives. One of them even went to that spa just a few months prior!

The groupon did not state that epileptics were not allowed to have a flotation session, nor did they ask this when I scheduled the appointment. On the waiver one signs, there was conflicting information. The first section said epileptics must be on medication, while the second part just asks if you have a list of conditions including epilepsy. I checked off epilepsy and told the young lady.

She claims she is going to talk to the owner, she reports back that there is a slow strobe light in the sensory deprivation room. (Who puts a strobe in a sensory deprivation tank?) I ask if she can turn it off, she says she can. She says ok I can still go.

Over an hour and half later and now 20 min past my appointment, the lady who the other one said was the owner, said that she spoke to the owner and they said I still can’t go because of liability. That I should have come in with an approval letter and even then there was no guarantee that they would have let me float. It would be really difficult to come in with an approval letter if you have no way of knowing one was needed! Also since I had physicians knowing, if I had been told this issue at 10 am when it first came up and not 11:20 am, I could have had one of my healthcare team fax a letter or even the “prescription” in 10-15 minutes ready for my 11 am.

Since they had already redeemed my voucher and gotten paid on Oct 1, I spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with Groupon telling them about the situation and trying to get a refund which rarely happens once redeemed.

I went to my doctor’s appointment as scheduled this afternoon. While he was not as upset as I was, he thought all of that was complete BS. He also said I was in no danger and was horrified as to how I was treated. I have not yet told the one who was the doctor who was encouraging it.

On the way home, I spoke to a client who basically writes the policies and pays out insurance claims for a company that insures a lot of spas, community pools, and yes flotation tanks etc. I was told that since I had been seizure free for a number of years and was on medication and had physician approval, that claim they made was not valid. This makes me wonder if there was another issue at play. If they really cared about epileptics, they would not allow them into their spa at all due to the scents they have which are also known seizure triggers for many epileptics, although not me.

Luckily, I did track down another groupon that I just have to use for another place now. The new place has already confirmed yes, epileptics can use the facilities.

Can you believe how I was treated?

Attempted : 2018

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Attempted Skill : Dressing a duck

So I attempted something and I know I failed miserably.

I ended up getting 17 free frozen ducks off Craigslist. Since Miles (the beagle) has been mourning Vivi’s (the doberman/shepard) return to her owner and is being stubborn about food, I was hoping that I could get the ducks and make them into little bits and encourage the dog to eat. Well they were not prepared for eating. In fact they still had all their feathers. Given I am allergic to feathers, I attempted to hire someone off Facebook to defeather for me. That did not work out as well as I would have hoped. First, they didn’t even defeather most of them completely and those that they did, I figured I would be prepared to try to prepare the rest of the way. How wrong I was.

Most of the blogs made various suggestions on how to gut the thing, some of which suggested going up the duck’s butt and removing all the guts that way. Unfortunately not what worked. I could not get up the duck’s behind in any way shape or form and could not even get through the meat with a knife to do it that way. It was incredibly frustrating. I tried for two hours. I am giving up on this skill for now.

If you’ve ever dressed a duck before, how did you do it?

Attempted : 2018

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In Various Languages, Learn to Say – 1/3 Hebrew edition

Hello – Shalom

Goodbye – Shalom

Please – really this isn’t often used but it is Bevakasha which also means you’re welcome

Thank you – todah

Order a beer – Birah (beer), you would simply say it in a nice tone. Please is unneeded. Just “Birah.”

Insult – Funny thing about the Hebrew language, there really isn’t much in the way of cursing. It’s a holy language, so they borrow their curse words usually from either Arabic or from English, fuck and shit for example.

What is your favourite Hebrew adopted curseword?

Completed : 2018

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Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame

Let me say I was in LA to attend my HMI graduation last August, so I attempted to be smart and do as much of the LA-specific bucket list items as possible so La Brea is going to be coming up as well.

So it was on my last day in LA that I was trying to get get out of my airbnb early enough to go catch a movie at the Chinese Theater, but my host opted to try to find other things for me to do in LA because I do not think he liked the idea. This completely messed up my plans not that his suggestions weren’t great, but they were not my interests and were not on my bucket list. He talked so much (an hour) that by the time I got out of there there was no way to park in any of the parking lots near the theater. I was going to watch Blazing Saddles at the theater and then walk around up and down the walk of fame. But instead due to lack of parking, and it took me an hour to find a parking space anywhere, I parked several blocks away in one of the very few free parking spots. It was only for two hours. By the time I walked to the Walk of Fame, I had to practically turn around and walk back.

When I was there, I tried not to do anything bad like actually vandalize because there was more than enough vandalism that already took place there. There were not enough blank stars to do it to anyway! I did walk to see a few stars (Elvis and the Beatles) and then walked back home.

Who would you like to see on the walk of fame?

Completed : 2017

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Hit your targets

If anyone knows anything about me, they know I have a slight groupon obsession.  I find a lot of the things I am doing on my bucket list because of the wonderfulness of groupon.

Since I knew what is on my bucketlist I of course look for them.  I kept searching for information about how to complete this goal but nothing safe would ever come up.  I could easily go to the range sure but I didn’t know the first thing about a gun!  So I had to wait to try to find a class.  My luck hit last month, and a course from Safe Zone Defenses came up for a basic pistol class.

It was a great class, unfortunately or fortunately I was the only student!  No one else showed but that meant I had personal attention.  The class covered a lot of material in a few hours, and we went out to the range which was very very loud.  I shot a little 22 caliber semi-auto.  At 15 feet, I had 100% hitting of the target (which means they were all killshots, 20% of them (or slightly more, hard to say since some went in the same holes) hit the very small bullseye.  I would be a little concerned.

It was interesting.  Still not sure I need a gun in my house though with my depression.

What about you?  Would you ever own or shoot something like that?

Completed : 2017

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Own an Original Work of Art

One of the “Things to Do” was to own an original work of art. While of course, I have things from my daughter in my closet and some things really could be framed and placed up on my walls (no offense small child, I haven’t gotten around to getting a frame that big), I figured maybe other art would meet the criteria.

First up was really a friend’s drawing of my dog Caelum, it was very nice and is hanging up on my wall in my office near the hypnochair. I’ve also been acquiring a lot of really great artwork through Simbi. I exchange hypnotherapy and I get usually pretty neat artwork in return. One of the things I wanted to get a long time ago was a really neat space art that was done by spray paint. I was able to get one of those on Simbi!

Check out some of the things I’ve been given by clients or things I have gotten through Simbi in exchange for work.

Which do you like the best?

Completed : 2016

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See a solar eclipse

So for those who may have missed the memo, the United States had an eclipse not that long ago who was a coast to coast eclipse. Now I knew of the eclipse years prior that it was going to happen and if you were paying any sort of attention to my bucket list you would have noticed the date was listed.

I had no idea it was going to be as far as it was nor did I know how near I was going to be to it. A few years ago I moved to Augusta which was going to get 99.5% but just past Aiken was supposed to get 100%. Not knowing exactly where in Aiken was going to get totality as the maps kept giving information that was not easy to put in the GPS, so I decided to go further to see if I could get something within the appropriate path. So I sized up a few options and went to SC State in Orangeburg which was participating in scientific research since they were in the path of totality.

I will say that the eclipse brought out some of the worst and scientifically ignorant people out there not to mention the rudest. Next time I am going to see if I can rent something in the path of totality because I will never deal with so many rude people again, and no they weren’t all southerners, no one around me was a southerner!

I will say that the eclipse was a beautiful experience so I would see it again, but not with so many rude people!

If you are from the US, where were you during the Great American Eclipse?

Completed : 2017

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Goals for the second quarter of 2016

1) Biblical B and Ulpan 2 through eteacher has started.

2) I am down to only needing a few of the 50 Greatest Jewish movies of all time, not a surprise there, which it looks like I will just have to do something like buy the DVD or VHS but since I am in the process of moving, that is more of a challenge.

3) I did my helicopter ride.

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