Goals for the first quarter of 2017

I think everyone is aware that 2016 pretty much was horrible with so many people dying.  Luckily no one in my family, except for a great aunt.  With me being out of medical school again and becoming something that has more time, I will get to spend more time on adventure!

So of course I have goals.

1) I am hoping to get the rest of my clinical hours to become a certified hypnotherapist.  We already know the practice is starting to launch.  Surely I can get that in 3 months right?

2) I’m aiming to get certified as a bartender, which will hopefully let me learn how to make drinks.

3) Keeping an eye on groupon to look for decent zipline prices in an area when and where I know I will be able to use them.


By the way, happy hypnotists day!

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I am now a hypnotherapist!

So I just finished my hypnotherapy program at HMI and I am pretty impressed by all they taught.  If I get more Ericksonian, I will be really happy, but I think I maxed them out for a while.  🙂

I will be honest, if I knew hypnotherapy might be “The One” I would have done it years ago.  I am very much in love with it and looked forward to my lessons each and every day which could explain why I completed a year long program in 2.5 months with such a good grade.

These were my total grades:

2-1 Quiz 2-1 – Hypnotic Modalities Completion Date: 10/12/2016 94
2-2 Quiz 2-2 – NLP Part 1 Completion Date: 10/17/2016 100
2-3 Quiz 2-3 – NLP Part 2 Completion Date: 10/21/2016 94
2-4 Quiz 2-4 – Ericksonian Hypnosis Completion Date: 10/31/2016 88
2-5 Quiz 2-5 – Kappasinian Hypnosis Completion Date: 11/09/2016 100
2-6 Quiz 2-6 – Clinical Case Presentation Completion Date: 11/11/2016 100
3-1 Quiz 3-1 – Hypnotic Regression Completion Date: 11/13/2016 92
3-2 Quiz 3-2 – Dream Therapy Completion Date: 11/14/2016 88
3-3 Quiz 3-3 – Hypno-Diagnostic Tools A Completion Date: 11/20/2016 100
3-4 Quiz 3-4 – Hypno-Diagnostic Tools B Completion Date: 11/27/2016 100
3-5 Quiz 3-5 – Hypnodrama Completion Date: 12/01/2016 100
3-6 Quiz 3-6 – Clinical Case Presentation Completion Date: 12/02/2016 88
4-1 Quiz 4-1 – Child Hypnosis Completion Date: 12/14/2016 94
4-2 Quiz 4-2 – Advanced Child Hypnosis Completion Date: 12/15/2016 100
4-3 Quiz 4-3 – Medical Hypnosis Completion Date: 12/15/2016 94
4-4 Quiz 4-4 – Fears and Phobias Completion Date: 12/14/2016 94
4-5 Quiz 4-5 – Defense Mechanisms Completion Date: 12/13/2016 100
4-6 Quiz 4-6 – Clinical Case Presentation Completion Date: 12/16/2016 100
5-1 Quiz 5-1 – Emotional and Physical Sexuality Part 1 Completion Date: 12/07/2016 94
5-2 Quiz 5-2 – Emotional and Physical Sexuality Part 2 Completion Date: 12/13/2016 87
5-3 Quiz 5-3 – Systems Theory Completion Date: 12/12/2016 100
5-4 Quiz 5-4 – Law and Ethics Completion Date: 12/11/2016 94
5-5 Quiz 5-5 – Sexual Dysfunction Completion Date: 12/15/2016 100
5-6 Quiz 5-6 – Clinical Case Presentation Completion Date: 12/16/2016 88
6-1 Quiz 6-1 – Low Blood Sugar Completion Date: 12/02/2016 94
6-2 Quiz 6-2 – Eating Disorders Completion Date: 12/17/2016 94
6-3 Quiz 6-3 – Substance Abuse Completion Date: 12/17/2016 100
6-4 Quiz 6-4 – Crisis Intervention Completion Date: 12/17/2016 95
6-5 Quiz 6-5 – Counseling and Interviewing Completion Date: 12/08/2016 100
6-6 Quiz 6-6 – Clinical Case Presentation Completion Date: 12/16/2016 100
7-1 Quiz 7-1 – Advanced Law and Ethics Completion Date: 12/14/2016 100
7-2 Quiz 7-2 – Advertising and Promotion Completion Date: 12/10/2016 94
7-3 Quiz 7-3 – First Consultation Completion Date: 12/06/2016 94
7-4 Quiz 7-4 – Habit Control Completion Date: 12/16/2016 88
7-5 Quiz 7-5 – General Self Improvement Completion Date: 12/16/2016 100
7-6 Quiz 7-6 – Clinical Case Presentation Completion Date: 12/16/2016 100
8-1 Quiz 8-1 – Mental Bank Seminar Completion Date: 11/15/2016 100
8-2 Quiz 8-2 – Mental Bank Review Completion Date: 11/15/2016 100
8-3 Quiz 8-3 – Hypno-Anesthesia Completion Date: 11/26/2016 100
8-4 Quiz 8-4 – Imagery 1 Completion Date: 11/28/2016 100
8-5 Quiz 8-5 – Imagery 2 Completion Date: 11/30/2016 88
8-6 Quiz 8-6 – Clinical Case Presentation Completion Date: 11/30/2016 83
9-1 Quiz 9-1 – Handwriting Analysis Completion Date: 11/12/2016 100
9-2 Quiz 9-2 – Handwriting Analysis Completion Date: 11/20/2016 100
9-3 Quiz 9-3 – Handwriting Analysis Completion Date: 11/26/2016 90
9-4 Quiz 9-4 – Handwriting Analysis Completion Date: 11/29/2016 100
9-5 Quiz 9-5 – Handwriting Analysis Completion Date: 11/30/2016 100
9-6 Quiz 9-6 – Handwriting Analysis Completion Date: 12/03/2016 100

Final Exam 94

Total GPA 95.

In almost everything I outscored the class.  Once I completed it, I had to wait for my tutor which I think is the main reason I didn’t complete faster.  My poor tutor has a lot of students and then there are people like me who send a bunch of questions through many subjects and then have to wait for responses.  At least I was smart and sent her questions from two parters as well as singles so when she sent me the answer to the multipartner I could immediately do the next one.

I would recommend taking the Handwriting part before the clinical cases.

I also earned a Certificate in Pre and Post Surgical Hypnosis and am now a certified advanced handwriting analyst.

Would anyone here be interested in experiencing hypnosis?  My practice is http://afterhourshypnotherapy.com

Completed: 2016


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Swim with the manatees and fish

I grew up in sunny South Florida, so I took manatees for granted because of course everyone would have seen a manatee, who wouldn’t they?

Hence I was surprised to see manatees on the list of “required” viewing even though they are an endangered species. Recently Florida estimated about 10,000 manatees which means it at least doubled from 1996 when it was about 5000.

Any time you went out on the water, especially if you went out on a boat, seeing a manatee was always a possibility. Unfortunately manatees do not move very fast (around 5 mph is cruising speed for a manatee) so any boat could easily hurt them and tear up their skin. They eventually put additional speed limits just for areas where there were manatees, sort of like a school zone.

I remember seeing them several times during educational demonstrations when we were on the very border of their habitat in shallow water and we could see them. Sometimes we would go to basically rehabilitation facilities on field trips. Usually these manatees had recently been injured and were about to be released right back into the wild.

However I wondered if that would even count as being in their natural habitat so when I went down to do my skydive, I knew I was getting places a little early, so I wanted to see what else there was to do in Tampa. I looked on Groupon and found a few places offering manatee dives. Hmmm… Interesting idea! I never thought to do that.

So I signed up with Manatee Tour and Dive.

This ended up being my first time in a wetsuit as well as my first time snorkling as well as my first time being in open water. My mother never let me snorkel and never go into a river or other water like that.

Our first stop was a spring called “Jurassic” where we saw a sleeping manatee and lots and lots of fish.

Then we started looking around for more. We went to “Three Sisters” although no manatees there (only one in the sanctuary), there were lots of kayaks and people who kept hitting me with their paddles. And lots of fish.

We kept looking for more, although we had a manatee find US and it hit the boat.

We saw several backs as they came up to breathe, but they were in not so good areas for us to swim in.

We did see another who came up to the boat, but by the time I got there someone had accidentally kicked the manatee who bolted. Then they tried to track another one down but at a certain point, I was too tired to go back out. We also did see the dolphins jumping though!

Even though the swim with the manatees ended up being a mostly swim with the fishes issue, we did get to see a manatee!

Really though, the captain, who wasn’t too bad looking, said the main reason was probably the huge amount of people and the warm weather was probably driving the manatees out to eat.

Still not a terrible waste of $16 for 3+ hours of entertainment although man was that water cold!

Plus this proved my grandmother and mother wrong.

1) There is anti-fog things out there for masks
2) What she gave me once was not a real snorkel and mask as a proper snorkel mask will completely cover your nose forcing you to breath through your mouth
3) Nothing ate me even though there were sharks in the water.

What do you think?

Completed: I would have no earthly way of knowing when I saw the manatee, 1986?  Swam with them in 2014

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Drive a car at top speed

I almost think this is a little cheating since I became an EMT and thus have been expected to at some point learn how to drive an ambulance.  I got my chance a few times in November, including a 24 hour period where I was working a 911 truck and had to SPEED and go as FAST as I could with lights blaring.

So I drove that thing at top speed although something no one tells you is that the ambulance can only GO about 70 mph, so I hit that at it’s top speed.  All I have to say is that I’ve hit 90 in my car and did not feel like I was about to die.

What is the fastest you’ve ever driven?

Completed : 2016

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Bungee Jump

As a lot of people may remember or know that Bungee Jumping was a huge and somewhat dangerous fad in the 1990s.  Many many people were injured and many places deem it illegal.  The closest one that there is now now is a very “safe” full body which is not available many places.  Luckily a theme park near me, Six Flags over Georgia, has a Sky Coaster, which as my friend calls it, “a nope on a rope” which is effectively a safe bungee jump.  I went on the Nope on a Rope and had a blast.  Actually I went two times and would have gone infinite more times if I could.

You get fitted into a body suit that distributes the force among your body from the pelvis to the shoulders instead of having all of it balance on an ankle.  They hook you up to a machine and they haul you (and up to two others) to a highpoint and then you rip the cord and go flying towards the ground and go at an angle.  Everyone else was screaming but I found it very soothing like a nice deep trance.  I had no worries or fears and just liked savouring the experience.  10/10 would do again.  I would even be open to trying something like base jumping but I have no idea if that would be a good idea or not!

Would you ever go on a nope on a rope?

Completed : 2016

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Learn Hypnosis

I’m now a student at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in their advanced training course studying hypnotherapy. I did their basic course on my leave I’m not sure how great this is going to be since I have a distinct preference of which methods of hypnosis work well for me (I prefer Erickson to Kappas), but it is a very comprehensive course. I’m sure that I’m going to get a good education from them in a lot of the basics. And if I don’t, I can always supplement them and steal knowledge from my own hypnotherapist who is an Ericksonian. Most important is that I am able to get a lot of education done and I have support from them and others. I am kinda worried about my practice but that is likely because I have never set up a practice from scratch before and certainly do not have a ton of experience hypnotizing people before.

Their courseload includes:

Hypnotic Modalities
Clinical Case Studies
Hypnotic Regression
Dream Therapy
Hypnodiagnostic tools
Child Hypnosis
Medical Hypnosis
Fears and Phobias
Defense Mechanisms
Law and Ethics
Low Blood Sugar
Eating Disorders
Substance Abuse
Crisis Intervention
Counseling and interviewing
Habit control
Advertising and promotion
First consultation
Self Improvement
Mental Bank
Handwriting Analysis

Completed : 2016

Would you ever learn hypnosis?

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Goals for the fourth quarter of 2016

Let’s be real, 2016 is probably going to be considered the worst year on record and for me that was no doubt as a matter of fact I was so worked up that I forgot to even post to my blog. Also that visitor I had is over here like 4-5 days a week. :/ I’m sorry so I am writing now and post dating it to the appropriate dates.

I left medical school and that was heartbreaking. Was an EMT for a bit, but I am now becoming a hypnotherapist while I attempt to possibly consider a degree in psychology

1) Biblical Hebrew has ended (thank heavens) and Ulpan too. Yea, still not fluent in any of the language.

2) I am starting and continuing with the advanced training course from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Hey could be fun. I will learn a skill!

3) I still miss my guitar.

Oh well I will get to them.

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50 Questions to set your mind free – Part 2

11. You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire. They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend. The criticism is distasteful and unjustified. What do you do?
I attempt to defend the friend. That is really the only logical advice.

12. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?
Don’t take yourself too seriously, you will never get out of it alive!

13. Would you break the law to save a loved one?
Of course I would, I am not a monster.

14. Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?
No, I pretty much know the difference right away first hand.

15. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?
I live my life differently than most people. I tend to GZFs and live my own life. I network and learn languages different than most people for sure.

16. How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?
I assume it is because we are all fundamentally individuals. What makes me sad, might not make others sad. To think we all would be happy or sad with the same things would be to imply we really are all the same.

17. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?
I really would like to travel the world but unfortunately a fair amount of that is time and money that I don’t have. It is certainly a disturbing thing that not long ago you could not get me to leave my house and now I want to travel the world.

18. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
I am holding on to fear and probably negativity which is absolutely true. I just don’t know how to get rid of it.

19. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?
I would most likely go to Israel because that is one of the few places in the world where I can actually go and be accepted. While I hate being around people, I normally cannot feel other Jews as they feel like an extension of myself, so the people didn’t bother me very much.

20. Do you push the elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?
Not generally. Once is usually enough.

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Be Friends With Your Ex

One of the items listed in Horne’s book includes being friends with your ex. I am very lucky that I am friends with several of my exes, not all, but most. Of the ten relationships I’ve had, I am still good friends with five of them. Another one, I am still friends with his mother and another friends with his brother. I’ve met yet another one and he started hitting on me not knowing who I was. Two I am not in contact with at all.

For one of them, he was attending a wedding of another friend, and 6 or 7 years after we broke up, I went as his “date” to a friend’s wedding and he stayed the night. A few years later, he and another mutual friend stayed with me. That was only a few years ago.

I’m still on speaking terms with a few others even one who was in jail.

Are you still friends with your ex? How many of them?

Completed : 1996 and ongoing

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See the All Time Greatest (Jewish) Films, part 4

13) Au revoir les enfants

Hour and a half film about a Jewish boy in hiding in a Catholic school for boys. Not exactly very interesting, but also not surprising if it was real. Very boring. Also it is in French so was a song and dance to find without subtitles.

15) Enemies: A Love Story (1989)

A very complicated love triangle. That is about it. 3 women and a man. Oy! Otherwise somewhat similar to “The Pawn Broker” (Holocaust survivor with flashbacks) if you have seen that.

20) Body and Soul

There is not a lot of Jewish content. The guy was Jewish… but is that it?

22) Goodbye, Columbus

Summer romance type movie. I’d recommend Dirty Dancing over it.

23) Bugsy (Unrated Extended Cut)

OK, I had to look up on Wiki to find out that he was Jewish, which by the way is the only connection to Judaism. I can otherwise not tell outside of some sort of Jewish last names. I did learn about the history of Las Vegas though!

24) Cabaret

Another movie that the only Jewish theme is that there are two Jews in the film who are not even the main characters and that it was set in Germany.

29) Homicide

Lots of racial insults and profanity and a self hating Jew who comes around to better understand himself and his identity. Not too bad in my opinion. Could have done with a lot less profanity though!

30) Madame Rosa

I am not sure I learned all that much about Jewish identity. But it was a touching story.

37) Marathon Man

There is an old Nazi involved and some Jews near the end. I am not sure this qualifies as a Jewish movie. Sorry.

41) Holocaust (The Mini-Series)

This is also very long (5 part miniseries) but you will get everything you will ever want to know about every aspect of the Holocaust told through the lives of a family.

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