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Goals for Third Quarter of 2018

Looks like so far again no graduate school for me. I don’t understand it. I was past what they wanted in every aspect so next is prepping for other things like for PhD programs. I am at least taking some decent courses on a second school which I think is probably better than just taking classes at Augusta University. Just took Industrial Psych which was kinda nice.

I will also say that I really like going to pow-wows.

1) I am still working on the native flute. I also bought a flute from Peru which is similar. My breath control remains horrible.

2) I have been sending one of my books out to agents. So far all is quiet but that is how it is. I also have another idea of how to get some passive income coming.

3) Have a referral to get a dive physical so maybe I can go scuba diving someday

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Goals for Second Quarter of 2018

Still applying to graduate school, had some interviews offered.  I really hope I am not stuck coming to Augusta University as it is just becoming unbearable as far as the bullying and such.

I’m still the highest medical hypnotherapist in the area, possibly the US.  Apparently someone is buying reviews given the fact I just saw someone jump up like 20 reviews in a month.  Yea right kid.  We know what you are doing.

1) I am still working on the native flute.

2) I have an old book from Nanowrimo that I am trying to send to agents, but not had the most success as a pick up yet.

3) I’m still trying to find new skills to learn.

4) I also still want to travel somewhere.

5) I’m investigating trying to learn scuba as I have to have a certification before I do the sharks.  Unfortunately with epilepsy that can be a problem.

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Goals for First Quarter of 2018

I was spending a lot of time working on graduate school applications as well as the business. I have apparently the most reviews of any hypnotherapist in the Southeast as far as I can tell, which is great I guess. I am still trying to have a full client load which is hard to do if you play ethically and fix problems rapidly.

My graduate school applications have gone well. GRE was decent although I had no time to study. Still got higher than I was aiming, the eight programs I am applying to, I am over the average for six.

1) I am still working on the native flute.

2) I did National Novel Writing Month again and I am really proud of the result. I am likely going to try to do something with that.

3) I’m going to post more from AJFF

4) I am really getting the travel bug so I would love to go somewhere cheap. Where? Who knows. I haven’t been out of the country in a while, maybe the Bahamas?

5) I really want to take a class in something new so I have some groupons saved in my browser.

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Goals for Fourth Quarter of 2017

Well I completed most of the things from last quarter’s list. I am still working on the business of course and applying to graduate school again, in fact my GRE is coming up soon.

1) Still working on the native flute.

2) I am likely going to be putting out another book, which will help a little with the passive income stream goal.

3) Going to see if I can do the Christmas on the beach this year although it might have to wait. I will see what I can do.

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Goals for Third Quarter of 2017

So the practice has launched and some money has started to come in.

1) I am still keeping an eye on zip-lining.

2) I still have the bartending course to finish (at least I completed the auto mechanics course!), I think I am going to be called the hypnotic bartender.

3) Still working on the native flute

4) Start to learn reiki 2.

5) Be able to actually break even on the trips I have to make

6) Get to 100 subscribers on my practice’s youtube channel.

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Goals for the second quarter of 2017

Ok I am now a certified hypnotherapist who is almost done with setting up his business so that is what took up so much of the time this quarter. I was not expecting to actually GET DONE! I also bought a flute!

1) I am still keeping an eye on zip-lining, I found several but I didn’t have the money to pay for them

2) I’m aiming to get certified as a bartender, which will hopefully let me learn how to make drinks.

3) Learning how to play the native flute, which I already have someone trying to teach me.

4) Get through reiki 1 as a friend of mine wants to experiment.

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Goals for the first quarter of 2017

I think everyone is aware that 2016 pretty much was horrible with so many people dying.  Luckily no one in my family, except for a great aunt.  With me being out of medical school again and becoming something that has more time, I will get to spend more time on adventure!

So of course I have goals.

1) I am hoping to get the rest of my clinical hours to become a certified hypnotherapist.  We already know the practice is starting to launch.  Surely I can get that in 3 months right?

2) I’m aiming to get certified as a bartender, which will hopefully let me learn how to make drinks.

3) Keeping an eye on groupon to look for decent zipline prices in an area when and where I know I will be able to use them.


By the way, happy hypnotists day!

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Goals for the fourth quarter of 2016

Let’s be real, 2016 is probably going to be considered the worst year on record and for me that was no doubt as a matter of fact I was so worked up that I forgot to even post to my blog. Also that visitor I had is over here like 4-5 days a week. :/ I’m sorry so I am writing now and post dating it to the appropriate dates.

I left medical school and that was heartbreaking. Was an EMT for a bit, but I am now becoming a hypnotherapist while I attempt to possibly consider a degree in psychology

1) Biblical Hebrew has ended (thank heavens) and Ulpan too. Yea, still not fluent in any of the language.

2) I am starting and continuing with the advanced training course from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Hey could be fun. I will learn a skill!

3) I still miss my guitar.

Oh well I will get to them.

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Goals for the third quarter of 2016

1) Biblical B and Ulpan 2 through eteacher has started as I already mentioned. I am probably going to simply but a halt on it for a few more years. The skill is for me and not for others, but medical school tends to be stressing and I tend have to give a lot study towards it. I have other things I can do instead that gives me a medical break, like hypnotherapy which can be done in school and has no homework and is even self benefit.

2) I am down to only needing a few of the 50 Greatest Jewish movies of all time, not a surprise there, which it looks like I will just have to do something like buy the DVD or VHS but since I moved and I still have to set things up, that is more of a challenge since the fact I am supposed to be on bedrest for a bit due to emergency gall bladder surgery.

3) I have a few things to write up before school starts (was going to be write them early but I am writing this early and my visitor woke up and I can’t easily type and talk at the same time.) I am not sure what my actual plans were for doing anything new this semester as every time I had a set of things scheduled, they needed to be moved due to illness/injury).

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Goals for the first quarter of 2016

1) Photo-a-day DONE! Thank goodness. Unfortunately nothing good enough to really win a proper award (which is another thing to do) but at least it is something, but I am had an acknowledgement! I am going to have a post for this where you will be able to see everything that I’ve taken a photo of.

2) Biblical A and Ulpan 2 through eteacher. I am just going to download the Ulpan 2 and watch at my leisure because even with my leave of absence from medical school, I just don’t have time to keep up.  I am already not going to get my certificate for Ulpan 2 because I missed too many classes. Luckily, I am going to be retaking the Ulpan 2 for a reduced price and not with the same teacher. I will be starting Biblical B but not with the same teacher.

3) I really miss playing my guitar. I’ve had to take some major breaks and even with the leave of absence, I still have a very annoying dog who insists that I not play anywhere near him.  😦  And I have burned through most of my groupon and simply was not able to play or practice!  Who has had the time?

4) Trying to find the last few of the 50 Greatest Jewish movies of all time, not a surprise there.

5) I am really hoping to make a run to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but I am not sure I will be able to do that. I was hoping to run and try to go to Times Square for New Years, but I was so sore being present at a baby birth a few days ago that there was just no way I was going to be able to drive.

6) I am however going to learn to fly a helicopter as I have a 60 minute lesson paid for.  That counts as learning to fly a plane right? 🙂

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